12 places to work remotely with friends in Europe

Generation Voyage presents the 12 best European cities for remote work alone or with friends.

If lifedigital nomads” has clearly been expanding for several years, it is clearly not available to all professions. On the other hand, with the advent of the global pandemic, a new way of working has become widely democratized: remote work.

Some companies no longer have problems allowing their employees to work from home, whether full or part time. But it doesn’t stop there, as more and more companies allow employees to travel and live abroad and work remotely, as long as working hours are respected and the time difference is no more than two hours. Ultimately, if work gets done on time and you’re willing to answer calls from colleagues, many companies will let you live your life the way you see fit.

So soon you may feel an irresistible desire to go explore abroad! Whether it’s improving your purchasing power, benefiting from more stable weather, experiencing a new culture, or simply taking advantage of the soothing atmosphere of some of Europe’s major cities, working abroad can be a real blessing. That’s why Generation Voyage invites you to discover the 12 best places to work remotely, alone or with friends, in Europe!

1. Increase your purchasing power

Obviously, France is an ideal country where life is good and access to culture is undeniable. However, in French metropolitan areas, prices for rent, restaurants or other activities can sometimes reduce your purchasing power.

So we present here some of the cities where the cost of living is significantly lower compared to France, and which therefore represent the ideal places to work remotely in Europe!

1. Istanbul

Metro travel in Istanbul - remote work in Europe

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – AlexAnton

It is from the pretty city of Istanbul that we begin our rating! Indeed, in the heart of this historic city that spans two continents, the cost of living is greatly reduced, especially in terms of rent.

If you want to work remotely with friends in Europe, Istanbul will offer you a large apartment. For simple T2, consider about 285€ per month versus 350€ for T3! Finally, less than a hundred euros per person. You can also enjoy gourmet Turkish cuisine without looking at your wallet, as a takeaway meal will cost you less than 5 euros on average and a drink will cost you 2 euros.

2. Tallinn


Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Alexey Mark

If you want to travel around Europe alone or with friends, then Tallinn is one of the most hospitable and, above all, the most accessible cities! Indeed, rental prices are ridiculous, as are office prices. For several years the city wanted to be a fertile land for digital nomadsand the legislation will do everything to make you feel “at home” very quickly!

Experience Estonian culture typical of Eastern countries in the heart of this city bordering the Baltic Sea.

3. Prague

National Museum in Prague

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Jasonya

Here is one of the best cities for remote work in Europe, alone or with friends! Indeed, the capital of the Czech Republic is a city that is not only particularly affordable in terms of cost of living, but also full of culture!

Here you can enjoy a large apartment for a rent not exceeding 150 euros per person, while at the same time taking advantage of the atypical architecture and the many cultural events that the city has to offer. By the way, did you know that Prague is the European capital of classical music?

It should be noted that the Czech capital delivers a lot “digital nomadic visa”which will facilitate your arrival and accommodation in the city.

2. Take advantage of the good weather

Imagine that autumn is coming to an end, the days are getting shorter, and jackets and then coats are making a comeback. Winter is coming, also cold, and with them the “depression” of rainy days. Is it not during this period that each of us dreams of getting to a place where the weather is milder and the days are milder?

Here’s our pick of the best places to work from home in Europe to escape the dullness of winter!


Old cozy street in Madrid - remote work in Europe

Photo: Shutterstock / Katarina Belova

We no longer represent the Spanish capital, one of the most enviable in Europe! Madrid, its special rhythm of life, in which work and leisure are perfectly combined, where siestas become a real religion, and the weather is especially mild even in winter!

The city has recently opened up to foreign workers who will also be able to take advantage of the lower cost of living than in France. So if you want to work remotely with your friends in Europe, don’t think twice and head to Madrid.

5. Rome

Roman Coliseum

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Jakub Barzycki

If you want to enjoy beautiful surroundings, perfect weather and ubiquitous historical culture, then the Italian capital is made for you!

After a long day of hard working remotely with friends, take advantage of the colorful and vibrant streets of Rome to relax your feet, admire and dine with dignity thanks to fine Italian cuisine.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the cost of living and rent will be higher than in the cities mentioned so far.

6. Lisbon


Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Samuel Borges Photography

This is by far the most hospitable European capital for remote work with friends! Indeed, in addition to a significantly lower cost of living than you’ll find in France, and mild weather throughout the year, you’ll find a large French-speaking community in Lisbon. Perfect for integrating into the heart of a new culture!

In addition, thanks to the numerous coworking available throughout the city, the Portuguese capital turns out to be a real fertile ground for digital nomads. Finally, many areas will be ready to open their doors for you at nightfall to discover the warm atmosphere typical of Portugal. Thus, Lisbon is definitely one of the best places to work remotely, alone or with friends, in Europe!

3. Discover a new culture

Here is another reason that might push you to leave France and settle elsewhere to work remotely in Europe: discover a new culture! Whether it’s architectural, artistic, sports or other culture, culture is different in every country, even in Europe.

Here are the best cities you can move to to satisfy this need for discovery.

7. Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia - remote work in Europe

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – ValerijsJegorovs

When we talk about the “European Capital of Culture”, Barcelona is obviously one of the first cities that comes to mind! Indeed, the Catalan capital is a real ode to culture.

Its architectural legacy is above all a blessing, whether it be its colorful streets or historic buildings (Sagrada Familia being the most famous example). But Barcelona’s culture doesn’t stop there: its sports culture is impeccable. Home to one of the largest football, basketball and volleyball clubs in Barcelona, ​​the sporting spectacle never stops.

So, if you want to combine perfect weather, soothing atmosphere and cultural discoveries for your next telecommuting destination in Europe, the Catalan capital is perfect for you.

8. Amsterdam


Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Harry Begelink

In a completely different style than the one mentioned above, Amsterdam is also the perfect city to settle in and hang out with friends in Europe remotely. Between recent districts and old streets, ferries and bicycles and the discovery of countless museums, Amsterdam is one of the most developed European capitals on a cultural level.

If the weather there is not always good, then on the other hand the Dutch population is present throughout the year. For lodging, feel free to join a large shared apartment in a large apartment, common in the capital of the Netherlands. The latter are regularly inhabited by many expatriates from all over the world, ideal for experiencing new cultures.

9. Vienna

Visit Vienna by bus - remote work in Europe

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Plum Petrov

Vienna may not immediately come to mind when you think of emigrating to work remotely in Europe… Trust us, however, the Austrian capital is worth it!

As evidence, the latter was voted “the most enjoyable city to live in” in 2019 by The Economist. In addition to a diverse culture made up of ancient architecture and numerous museums with ever more amazing exhibitions, Vienna is characterized by “Gemütlichkeit”, a lifestyle that combines a sense of well-being and a warm atmosphere.

Thus, the Austrian capital occupies an important place in our ranking of the best places to work remotely with friends in Europe!

4. Thrive in a new environment

Apart from the factual aspects represented by purchasing power, weather or cultural discoveries, what a person seeks above all when settling in a new city can be summed up in one word: fulfillment.

To do this, we offer you, to complete this ranking of the best places to work remotely in Europe, a selection of cities that are “best to live in”.

10. Budapest

Panoramic view of Budapest - remote work in Europe

Photo Credit: Unsplash – Bence Balla-Schottner

If more and more expatriates visit the Hungarian capital every year, it is not in vain! Originally visited by many European students thanks to its 18 universities, it is now the promised land for digital nomads.

Indeed, the atmosphere cold and the relatively relaxed pace of life in Budapest, in addition to its particularly low cost of living, are criteria particularly valued by expatriate teleworkers.

11. Berlin

Panoramic view of the Berlin U-Bahn with the Oberbaum bridge in the background in golden evening light at sunset with retro style fishhook filter effect Instagram, Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Photo credit: Shutterstock/canadastock

Thanks to its “freelancer visa” introduced a few years ago, and especially its relaxed lifestyle, Berlin is one of the most favorable European capitals for expatriation, especially for those who want to work remotely in Europe.

You will be able to enjoy the ubiquitous cultural life and a very special atmosphere that is hard to describe without experiencing it. On the other hand, the tax rate is particularly high (around 40%)…

12. Dublin

Night view of Ha Penny Bridge

Night view of HaPenny Bridge – Ireland | Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Madrugada Verde

By moving to Dublin, you will experience an exceptional quality of life! Surrounded by numerous parks, cliffs and green spaces, you will completely get rid of the hectic atmosphere of other European capitals.

Life in Dublin is especially easy and hassle-free. The weather here isn’t the best and the cost of living isn’t particularly low, but the vibe of the city is well worth it. If you want to prioritize your development to choose the best remote work location, alone or with friends, in Europe, then don’t hesitate any longer and choose the Irish capital!