5 Actions by the Department of Equality

Changing attitudes towards women since high school

Seeing stereotypes and inequalities between women and men persist in 2022 is a reality. To change attitudes and practiceswe must, as soon as possible, question these constructs of images that make women and their roles in society invisible. At its best, it’s a school. That’s why the Department is offering teachers this year two educational routes at the colleges of Maine and Loire. With the help of “equality in general” and “figure of women”, students learn to question their stereotypes and discover the role of women “forgotten” in history through workshops and meetings.

On International Women’s Day, route students”Figures of women take part in the screening of the filmEugenie Grandet” as well as will present their achievements at the end of the route in the presence of Florence DabinPresident of the Department of Maine and Loire.

Departmental Houses of Solidarity, an important relay race

These are not only places of reception, information and orientation for all matters related to health, housing, family, your budget or integration. Departmental Houses of Solidarity are also actors in terms of gender equality. For example, MDS Angers Sud has since 2021 carried out a number of initiatives with its community to make equality “every day and in all life”: events at school, an emotional and love life forum, or even an “Action Against Discrimination” conference. and for gender equality” on 24 March. These activities can also take the form of entertainment, such as MDS Angers Est with a puppet show. Thus, about forty children, accompanied by their parents, have already attended the puppet show, and new performances are already scheduled for March 8 at MDS Angers Sud and March 16, open to all at Place de l’Europe in Angers.

Listen, guide, protect

The figures are eloquent, we are already counting 11 feminicides since the beginning of 2022 ; 87% of people registered as victims of gender-based crimes or offenses in 2019 – women; still in 2019, 99% of women admitted to being victims of a sexist act or behavior.. Support Women’s Freedom of Speech and helping them in situations of violence is a necessity. That’s why the Department seeks to fund two new positions of specialized social workers are assigned to law enforcement agencies. These posts, which are due to be created in the near future, will strengthen the existing three social workers. Their mission is to listen to women, help them understand, and then refer them to the appropriate services and assistance.

Encourage women’s access to sports

If today the contribution of sport to inclusiveness and social cohesion is no longer in doubt, equal access of women and men to sports is far from being achieved : lack of time and difficulties in reconciling family and sports, self-doubt, under-representation, persistence of sexist stereotypes and prejudices… there are still too many barriers to women’s access to sports.

To combat this discrimination and increase women’s access to sports, the Department supports and funds sports club initiatives: the OKLM project, created in UFAB 49 to promote basketball among young girls, or the association Profession Sport et Loisirs, which offers sports activities. for women who have been victims of violence in order to build their self-confidence and restore their identity.

Reading grows and flourishes

Raise the topic of gender equality it is also watching, reading, learning to build a culture which contributes to the evolution of mentality. Culture is the most important vector of social ties and plays a full role in fight against stereotypes. That’s why, in November 2021, Bibliopôle and the network’s libraries compiled a selection of about a hundred works, novels, comics, films, music and even apps dedicated to the topic of women’s equality. men. With this special edition of Cherry Brochure printed in an edition of 4,000 copies, this is a small incentive to inform and sharpen one’s curiosity, which is offered to the inhabitants of the state of Maine and the Loire.

The department summarizes its work

Each year, the Department publishes a report detailing its aspirations for equality in the territory and actions taken, as well as its own data as an employer. The Department of Maine and Loire, which has more than 2,200 agents and 66% of them women, also has a role to play in promoting gender equality at work. This equality at work also manifests itself in the areas of pay differentials, career development, balance between personal and professional life and the fight against discrimination.

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