About 50 athletes signed a platform against Marine Le Pen

The world of sports, known for its political prudence, has decided to take a stand against the far right. On a forum given Parisian and Information about France52 athletes, active or retired, have spoken out against Marine Le Pen and are calling for a vote for outgoing President Emmanuel Macron on April 24 during the second round of the French presidential election.

To get their message across, the athletes plan to spend 2024 in Paris, when the capital will host the Olympic Games: “I declare open the Paris Games in honor of the 33rd Modern Olympiad.” It is with these words that the next head of state will officially open the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This Friday, July 26, 2024, at the conclusion of the opening ceremony on the Seine, among dozens of heads of state, in front of athletes from all over the world and billions of television viewers, the one who will be elected April 24, will personify the country in the eyes of the whole world. In a few weeks, he or she will also open the Paralympic Games.

Subsequently, the 52 signatories take a clear stance against National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen:We French athletes and women from all walks of life and all disciplines cannot imagine that this historic moment is marked with the seal of a far-right presidency. If we are fully aware of the difficulties many French people are going through, we are convinced that voting for a party that would endanger republican values ​​would be the worst possible course of action. The sport we believe in, from the values ​​of Olympism, is based on friendship and respect; this is a place of diversity. He rejects all discrimination. Everywhere in the territory, in our cities, our suburbs and rural areas, sport is a powerful remedy for isolation. In these troubled times, this is the rallying point. This is the case when the whole nation remembers that it is ONE, vibrating in unison for the exploits of its athletes.

So, the signatories from the rostrum call to vote for Emmanuel Macron: “Precisely because we believe in this sport, which is fraternal and inclusive, we are committed to not allowing our nation to put its president in charge, who embodies the exact opposite, stigmatization of the other, withdrawal, nationalism. And so we call to vote for Emmanuel Macron on 24 April.

List of 52 subscribers on the forum: Clarissa Agbenenou (judo), Samir Ait Said (gymnastics), Valerian Ayai Vukosavlevich (basketball), Brahim Aslum (boxing), Romain Bardet (cycling), Cecilia Berder (fencing), Alain Bernard (swimming), Marie Bocher (skiing) ) ), Laura Bullo (football), Justine Brezat-Bouchet (biathlete), Romain Cannon (fencing), Suleiman Cissokho (boxing), Elodie Clouvel (modern pentathlon), Cleopatre Darle (handball), Isabelle Demongeot (tennis), Stephane Diagana (athletics), Boris Diao (basketball), Celine Dumerc (basketball), Allison Pinault (handball), Antoine Dupont (rugby), Gevries Heman (judo), Maud Fontenoy (sailing), Pierre Gasly (Formula 1), Edgar Grospiron (skiing) freestyle), Amandine Henry (football), Stephane Uhde (wheelchair tennis), Muriel Hertis (athletics), Mikael Heremias (wheelchair tennis), Nikola Karabatich (handball), Rafael Ibanez (rugby), Jean Le Cam (sailing), Eugenie Le Sommer (football), Christophe Lemaitre (athletics), Laura Manaudou (swimming), Blaise Matuidi (football) ), Frederic Michalak (rugby), Estelle Mossley (boxing), Erwin Ngapeth (volleyball), Valerie Nicolas (handball), Yannick Noah (tennis), Sarah Uramune (boxing), Jean-Pierre Papin (football), Tony Parker (basketball ) ), Dimitri Payet (soccer), Marie-Jose Perec (athletics), Thibaut Pinault (cycling), Jackson Richardson (handball), Charles Rosoy (disabled swimming), Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (tennis), Hessy Tremulier (rugby ), Cameron Wokey (rugby), Tony Yoka (boxing).

Benoit Lesueur