always on top, the older generation lends a hand to you for less than 10,000 euros!

The more the new Peugeot 308 invades our roads, the more its predecessor’s rating in used cars drops. Great news for those looking for super driving fun and a versatile compact car!

Gifted in almost everything, the Peugeot 308 can even distort famous sayings. Thus, along with it, the happiness of some makes the happiness of others. Explanations. As the new generation spreads through our streets and brings smiles to its new owners, the ratings of the second generation are dropping. And there are so many opportunities on offer to those who want to afford compact yet aesthetically modern, modern on the engine side and, above all, clearly above the rest in terms of driving pleasure. Because if Peugeot taught us about compact cars with high performance, then this 308 “II” (reuse of the name – a first for Leo) is stunning from every point of view. It is hard to find a competitor that can compete with this “sacred number”‘s exceptional chassis, which provides unrivaled comfort and roadholding. For less than 10,000 € it will be difficult to find such a pleasant, practical and inexpensive to use. Particular attention should be paid to the GTi, which will thus remain the last Lion model to carry these three legendary letters, new electrified sports cars using the Peugeot Sport Engineered name.

But, of course, not everything is so rosy aboard this Sochaux. First, habitability has never been its forte. If you don’t have a problem in the front seat, rear seat passengers will only be entitled to limited space. For children it still passes, but going on vacation with two teenagers will become difficult. Because the trunk is also not a sample of capacity. At the same time, reliability, not being a black dot, is not perfect. In fact, you will need to check if reminders have been made before you start.


  • 1.2 PureTech 110 and 130 Timing wear and failure problem. Mass recall early 2021 with oil circuit and belt inspection. The replacement interval for the latter has been reduced to 100,000 km/6 years.
  • 1.2 PureTech gasoline pump, oil overrun (also on VTI).
  • 1.6 THP Terms of distribution.
  • EGR valve 1.6 HDi (engine alarm), jerks at 115. Difficulty engaging reverse gear. Flywheel and clutch wear.
  • 1.6 BlueHDi Leaky water pump, EGR valve.
  • 2.0 BlueHDi 150 Loss of power and/or engine light (EGR valve) on.

Other items

  • Gearbox: BVM 5 connecting rods (shifting is not possible). Clutch for BVM6. Vibrating Dual Mass Flywheel (BlueHDi 120).
  • Chassis: Clicks and squeaks in the shock absorbers. Noisy bearings.
  • Electronics: Some hazards such as GPS not working or unexpected warning messages. Touch screen. BSI can prevent any launch. Electric parking brake.
  • Air conditioning: Cases of faulty engines and computers.
  • Clutch: fast wear. Flywheel on PureTech 110 and BlueHDi 120/150.
  • Locks: The recall was initiated in 2016 to address issues.

Which engine to choose?

Version Power Our remarks
Version1.2 VTi PureTech 82 Power82 HP Our remarksThis little three-cylinder engine runs really well, but it’s a little tight at times.
Version1.2 Clean technology 110 Power110 HP Our remarksUnion minimum to take advantage of the chassis from the 308th, it goes with honors.
Version1.2 Clean technology 130 Power130 HP Our remarksPreferred Engine. energetic, torquey, he valiantly drives the 308 without consuming fuel.
Version1.6 HP Power125/155 HP Our remarksGood choice, cheaper than the recent 1.2 PureTech. But more greedy.
Version1.6 TNR 205/225/263 Power250/225/263 HP Our remarksThe GT won’t disappoint, but if you can, go for the formidable GTi!
Version1.6HDi 92 Power92 HP Our remarksPowerful enough for a 308, twitches a bit on climbs.
Version1.6 e-HDi 115 Power115 HP Our remarksPreferably the 92hp version due to the extra storage space and excellent stop-and-start system.
Version1.6 BlueHD 100/120 Power100/120 HP Our remarksThis upgraded 1.6 HDi is convincing in every way. Our favorite.
Version1.5 BlueHD 100/130 Power100/130 HP Our remarksThis new block 1.5 replaces 1.6. He exhibits the same qualities.
Version2.0 BlueHD 150 Power150 HP Our remarksIts only fault is its obnoxious sound and is too present when accelerating. A pity.
Version2.0 BlueHD 180 Power180 HP Our remarksMust be combined with EAT6 or 8 automatic transmission, ideal for big riders.

Published in 03/21/2022 Updated 03/21/2022 François Lemore and editorial