associative actor in the service of sports in the Middle Atlas

Nadia Ammar: Associate Actress in the Service of Sports in the Middle Atlas

Source: Map

03.08.2022 17:00

Actress and athlete Nadia Ammar, President of the Alp Atlas Association and founder of the Trail Zayan International Marathon, is an example of these women who have dedicated their lives to sports and the youth of the province. Khenifra.

Born in 1975, Nadia has been involved in the world of sports since early childhood when she learned about athletics at school. Passionate about running, this young sprinter specialized in short distances and achieved excellent results in the 100 meters at various national competitions.

Nadia, who currently works as a PE teacher in Khenifra, is very excited to give it her all and use all her energy to succeed in the many school, local and national competitions she competes in.

Nadia began her school career in Azrou, her hometown, where she received her primary school diploma and a bachelor’s degree in physical education. After that, she left her suitcases in Taza to continue her studies at the Central Regional Pedagogical Institute, then in Meknes to enter the university in private law.

In an interview with MAP, Nadia says she has set her sights on volunteering to support efforts to promote the sport through the organization of several national and international events. She was so eager to use the experience and reputation she had gained in the field of car racing to participate in the influence of the province of Khenifra and its development as a new tourist and sports destination.

The province of Khenifra, adds Nadia, who is also a member of the Khenifra Regional Tourism Board, has a huge natural, cultural and historical potential, rich and diverse, from which tourism operators can benefit to become a powerhouse and an important lever for development. sustainable and integrated development.

“The tourism industry has experienced an unprecedented crisis and severe economic hardship in recent years, prompting us to consider a plan to restart this activity at the provincial level through the lens of an athlete,” she explains.

Since then, a number of national and international sports competitions have been organized with an economic and tourism focus on the one hand to encourage sports, in particular mountain sports, based on the strengths of the province, and on the other hand to acquaint a wide audience with natural sites and tourist attractions of the Middle Atlas,” notes Nadia.

She was glad that the last international marathon “Trail Zayan” was a great success, with more than 480 athletes from different Arab and European countries taking part in it and attracting a large number of visitors.

This sporting event, which contributes to the influence and strengthening of the tourist attraction of the mountainous province of Khenifra, is currently high on the agenda of major sporting events in the province. It is also involved in reviving economic activity in a region that relies heavily on tourism to cope with the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic, she continues.

Nadia says she has always been passionate about community service and is constantly trying to innovate and implement new ideas and big projects. Recently, a canoe-kayak-triathlon section has been established to encourage the practice of this discipline at the level of the Khenifra National Park, which has important facilities with international standards for practicing this sport, which enriches the tourist offer in the province and contributes to its economic development.

In this regard, it is emphasized that the province of Khenifra is on its way to becoming one of the preferred destinations for ecotourism and water sports enthusiasts through the creation of new products and tourism offers related to its specificity and natural assets. added value and economic well-being, as in other regions of the country.