California’s Osasuna’s El Sadar nominated for 2021 International Stadium of the Year award – Reuters Sports News

CA Osasuna launched an ambitious refurbishment project for the clubhouse in El Sadar in 2018 to increase its capacity, modernize the facilities and provide fans with a better gaming experience.

Two years after launching the massive transformation of the Pamplona team, El Sadar was nominated for Stadium of the Year by the Stadium Database, a website dedicated to international sports arenas. the best stadium in the world.

As part of the 12-year-old winner selection process, nominated stadiums are showcased and their outstanding performance analyzed from multiple perspectives, including business and fan experiences.

In response to El Sadar’s nomination, Mikel Vivanco, Operations Manager at CA Osasuna, said: “We are proud to be among the nominees for this award. We had a pretty limited budget to work with, but we made the most of it and the end result was amazing.

Navarra is the only La Liga player on this prestigious shortlist of 23 top-tier sports arenas located in a number of countries including Qatar, Iraq, Turkey, Argentina, Ecuador, USA, Germany and Cambodia.

Los Rojillos“The Glittering House faces stiff competition for the international crown from arenas such as Qatar’s Al Bayt Stadium, which requires 30 times the investment of El Sadar and is home to 60,000 fans, and the stadium” in the United States, which, despite a budget 12 times that of CA Osasuna, hosts 3,000 fewer fans. The winning stadium will be determined by a public vote on the stadium database website, with users able to vote until March 14th.

High level multifunctional stadium

El Sadar, which was originally built in 1967, has undergone a much-needed refurbishment that has included significant redecoration and an increase in capacity. The original structure of the stadium has been preserved and used as the basis for a modern and vibrant venue with a capacity of over 23,500, with the club’s signature red roof.

Among the various improvements that the Navarra Club is following, besides those related to the structure itself, such as the roof, those that directly affect the fan experience, with entry points created for fans with disabilities, are of particular importance, significant improvements. made in terms of visibility, seats and stands of the stadium, and in particular the increase in capacity.

“The renovation of the stadium has allowed us to increase the number of seats we can sell due to the increase in capacity. However, no matter how many times we increase the power, the CA Osasuna phenomenon continues to grow,” Vivanco insists.

The club also reported that the refurbishment had a major impact on its business operations. For example, the club shop previously occupied an area of ​​1400 m2, and redevelopment works have added almost 2000 m2 more to the facility.

The press area, official box, media room, presidential quarters have also been upgraded, and marketing and communications services have now been installed in the new offices, as well as a multi-purpose conference room.

Referring to the new home of CA Osasuna, the club’s general manager Fran Kanal noted that “a facility of this stature simply needs to be multi-functional while providing recreational space and ensuring club members feel at home in a state of the art stadium.”

The nomination rewards teamwork and dedication of club members

The fact that El Sadar is among the nominated stadiums following its refurbishment and capacity expansion, which was carried out on a tight budget, is a well-deserved recognition of the hours of effort put into the maintenance, communications and infrastructure of the club and all other teams involved in project.

At the same time, it should be emphasized that the members of the club were actively involved in the selection of the stadium design and participated in the process throughout the process, offering a transparent vision of the preferred design, while sharing their opinions and ideas for improvement.

“This refurbishment was the result of a process of consultation with our club members, who actually chose the final design, which shows that it truly belongs to everyone. We are proud that the stadium project chosen by the members of our club claims to be the best in the world,” added Vivanco.

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