Campus 2023: Learning Center

Over 2,000 young people will benefit from the Campus 2023 project before the World Cup. Target ? Train them in sports, tourism and security professions and offer them jobs after the competition. At the moment, all signals are green. For the past three years, the Rugby au Coeur charitable foundation has been helping a population in a situation of social disintegration. An initiative that meets the wishes of the organizing committee.

Youth is in power, more precisely in the foreground. The organizers of the World Cup want to help hundreds of young people, which is why the Campus 2023 project was launched many months ago. The goal is simple: to fight the “volunteer crisis”, and also to promote greater social integration and professionalization of young people. Thus, people between the ages of 18 and 30 were available for various sports structures. There are more than 2,000 discipleship contracts in total or will appear on Earth. In March 2022, 1,400 people were already employees of the organizing committee of the World Cup and signed up for this program. These contracts will be carried out in three main sectors: of course, sports, but also tourism and security, new training courses open this Monday (information and applications on

There are also 200 students with disabilities, which demonstrates the organizers’ commitment to making this event accessible to all. Claude Atcher is unanimous: “These young people have talent, they have enthusiasm, they are motivated. I don’t think you can ask for more energy when you’re hosting a big sporting event like this. We are taking with us 3,000 young people who will bring us ideas, projects and do responsible things. We aim to retain at least 800 of these jobs. Half will be covered by France 2023 benefits and the remaining 50% thanks to the intervention of the government and the National Sports Agency. Campus 2023 is designed for the long term. We provide them with a network to then give these young people the opportunity to get a job after this competition.”

Maintain 100% jobs

The adventure will not stop on the evening of October 28, 2023, the evening of the final at the Stade de France. Indeed, the goal of the organizers is to perpetuate all jobs after graduation. For this, several plans are planned after the competition, as in the field of security. The first task is to train the security guards who will train during the World Cup, and when it is over, no one will be left on the sidelines. Students will be offered additional training, which will become a source of additional experience. This can help them better prepare for certain public service competitions, such as those for the police, gendarmerie or prison administration. These courses will also give students the opportunity to gain all the knowledge necessary to integrate a company as a private security leader. As you understand, everything is being studied in order to offer hundreds of young people a diploma, but above all a job after the competition.

“They bring us a lot”

With Campus 2023, all clubs can hire young “trainees” to support them in creating different and varied projects. This is how things stand in the Tarn, in the Albigensian sports club, the national club. A few months ago, three young people joined the Albigensian association, and only good things remain in their memory. “They give us a lotsays Kevin Boulogne, a former professional player and member of the association. They allow us to develop projects and work on club communication. This is undeniable support. At the end of their training, no doubt if the club can keep them, it will be great news for everyone. Like SCA, dozens of clubs are using Campus 2023 for development.