Can Rematch make money from amateur sports streaming?

Little communication, no advertising, but partnerships with national sports leagues or major French media were established very quickly. Or how Rematch became a startup that “managed to crack the market by very few means“, as boasts 29-year-old Bordelet Pierre Husson, co-founder and manager of the company, created in 2017. After hesitant first steps, things are moving very fast today for the young renter of the Unitec incubator in the center of Bordeaux.

Rematch is “amateur sports video platform“, which highlights the small exploits and highlights of the French fields. On its website, you can appreciate the goals of the Breton derby Saint-Yves – Quimper in football or the most beautiful baskets of Soy – Poitiers in basketball. Leg “.We’ve always seen people film games at the end of the field. Because despite the departmental level, there are very good promotions“, emphasizes Pierre Husson, himself an amateur football player.

Jean Pierre Papin

It is enough for a person to film a sports meeting with the help of a video tool. During the impact and snap of the finger, the system is able, thanks to the buffer memory, to return to the last fifteen seconds and broadcast the sequence as a short video clip. All this happens in the Rematch mobile app. A technology that took the team, and in particular François Allari, engineer-turned-developer, a little over a year to develop. Upon arrival, images are taken from all over France and automatically published. All this without the presence of the company on the territory.

Five sports startups supported by Unitec

After creating Rematch in July 2017, the co-founders launched the product in early 2019. The kick-off was made possible by fundraising, half of which was contributed by regional institutions and the other half by partners. At the forefront of which is the 1991 Ballon d’Or by Jean-Pierre Papin. The former Girondins player (1996-1998) plays the role of a Rematch ambassador turned brand. French handball player Alexandra Lakraber and soccer player Olivier Giroud recently acted as press secretaries. The young shooter puts everything into these relay races to get noticed very quickly. “We didn’t invest in communication“, says Pierre Husson.

Four new owners

But partnerships are raining. The six national federations now broadcast rematch content (rugby, handball, basketball, ice hockey, etc.) as well as Eurosport and Bein Sports. No commercial link, but an alliance that offers information about the structure of Bordeaux and free content that can be broadcast to the media. Something to shine, but not to explain the business model of a startup.

There are currently two sources of income. First, the “Premium” subscription, intended for clubs and sports associations, which is 19 euros per month. The formula offers them advertising space on their team video clips, which they can sell to a local sponsor. Rematch then forges larger partnerships directly with sponsors willing to associate their image with amateur sports. It may soon offer a similar service to the media to distribute the content they are currently rebroadcasting for free. If the target market is promising, it will bring economic balance to a startup only in 2023 at best. At least that is the goal of a team that has achieved a very primitive turnover of €50,000 in 2021.

The goal is to quadruple it in 2022 and expand the team of twelve, including eight on permanent contracts, with four new hires. Thus, Rematch will be aimed at international development. “In the niche of a collaborative light capture system focused on highlights [temps forts, ndlr]we are almost the only ones. There is a market to capture, but we must act quickly.“, confesses Pierre Husson.

Half as many startups will be hired in 2021, according to Unitec.