Car news. Sports calendar for 2022.

At a time when the fine hits hard and hunting for CO emissions2 intensifies, car manufacturers are stepping up their efforts to make their sports cars durable. What’s more, most of them resist retaining thermal mechanics and don’t succumb (too quickly) to all-electric sirens.. What sports are expected in 2022? Argus offers you an overview in pictures.

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Diagram Alpine A110 S orange
New Alpine A110 Lineup: January (Launch)

Dieppe will review its berlinetta range in January. The year will be especially marked by the launch of the new A110 S, which will step over the symbolic bar of 300 hp.


BMW M3 Touring camo 2022
BMW M3 Touring: current 2022

Motorsport celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022. On this occasion, the sports division of BMW may present a few surprises. For now, the M8 has just received a minor facelift. We are also looking forward to the arrival of the new M2 coupe, as well as the M3 Touring. It will be the first sports wagon based on the famous M3 since the launch of the first generation in 1986.


Ferrari Purosangue 2022 Fiorano
Ferrari Purosangue: spring (presentation) and May (production launch)

The famous Italian SUV Purosangue, about which almost nothing is known, should debut this year. This new model marks a turning point for Ferrari, which will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2022..

  • Purosangue: spring (presentation) and May (start of production)


2022 Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R: Fall 2022 (launch)

Introduced last June, the new Civic will be eligible for the Type R version. It’s expected in the fall and will feature the same 320hp 2.0 VTEC unit as the previous generation.


Lamborghini Urus restyling 2022
Restyled Lamborghini Urus: current 2022

This year, manufacturer Sant’Agata has scheduled an update to its flagship model: the Urus SUV. This restyling should be accompanied by the appearance of another version that will not be a rechargeable hybrid.. The latter will be scheduled for 2023 as Lamborghini confirmed the end of the 100% thermal range this year.

  • Urus restyling: actual 2022
  • Huracan 4×4: 2022 (presentation)
  • Huracan SVJ: 2022 (presentation)


2022 Lotus Emira
Lotus Emira: spring (launch)

Lotus Emira, which replaced Elise, Exige and Evora, will be launched in the spring. Available with 400 hp AMG four-cylinder engine. or Toyota V6 with 360 hp. English sports car will be the last thermal Lotus. The future SUV (100% electric), codenamed Type 132, is due to be unveiled this year.


Maserati Grecale illustration
Maserati Grecale: summer (presentation)

Constantly pushing back the launch of the Grecale SUV should finally take place in June 2022. The new generation GranTurismo is expected in the spring, and the recent MC20 convertible supercar should show the end of its grille when the good weather returns.


Mercedes SL 63 AMG 2022
Mercedes SL: Q1 (launch)

Introduced in autumn, the new Mercedes SL will join its first owners within 1 year.uh trimester. There will be a body version of the 63 AMG with 585 hp. and all-wheel drive.. As for the AMG GT coupe, its new version will be presented at the end of the year.

  • AMG GT: end of 2022 (presentation)
  • SL: 1uh quarter (launch)


Morgan 3-Wheeler
Morgan 3-Wheeler: February (Presentation)

The British manufacturer announces the arrival of a modernized version of its famous three-wheeled roadster. The most notable and no less controversial change is V-twin stop in favor of a Ford 3-cylinder longitudinally mounted engine.

  • Morgan 3-Wheeler: February (launch)


Porsche 911 Safari Argus illustration
Porsche 911 Safari: current year 2022

Many new features expected in Porsche. The mythical 911 will be eligible for three new versions. The horror of the GT3 tracks will be toned down in the radical RS version. Then there will be the Adventurer’s version of the Safari, as well as the Sport Classic version, equipped with the famous “duck tail” fin. The Taycan is now available in the new Sport Turismo body style, while the Cayenne and Panamera will be restyled this year.


Toyota GR86
Toyota GR86: May (launch)

The small Japanese sports coupe hasn’t had its last word and is making a comeback in 2022 as the GR86.. Under the hood is still a boxer four, this time developing 234 hp.

  • GR 86: May (launch)

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