Castrol in partnership

The British firm is using 2022 to expand its partnership strategy. As evidenced by recent agreements with Lynk & Co, Williams Advanced Engineering and Jaguar Land Rover.

With its advanced technology, Castrol Edge Professional has captivated many builders.

At the very end of 2021, Castrol became the official EV coolant supplier for five years under Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) advanced electrification programs and enhanced sporting events such as Formula E, Extreme E, ETCR and LMdH. Thus, the company, which was created in 2010 when Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited began to diversify its activities, which has been mainly under the control of EMK Capital since 2019, will now have access to the entire Castrol ON line. In particular, this includes VE transmission fluids, VE coolants (particularly for cooling high-performance batteries) and VE lubricants.

Featured Castrol EDGE Professional products

The second active partnership, again in five years, was recently formed with Lynk & Co. An international mobility brand co-created by Geely Holding, Geely Auto Group and Volvo has chosen Castrol EDGE Professional V 0W-20 for its vehicles. repair and maintenance of their vehicles. As a reminder, considered the most advanced motor oil in the Castrol range, this engine oil incorporates Fluid Titanium Technology, which is able to transform its physical structure, stiffening at extreme pressure points to reduce metal-to-metal contact and friction. When the pressure drops, the lubricant restores its original structure.

In addition, and last but not least, the Castrol EDGE Professional products to be used by Lynk & Co were the first lubricants in the world to be certified carbon neutral under the international PAS 2060 standard. The Castrol Lubricant Supply Agreement offers the opportunity to support Lynk & Co expansion plans for the coming years.

Contract renewal from 20 years ago

And then Castrol just signed a new partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, thus extending its long-term relationship with the manufacturer. This time it will last until 2026. In fact, you should know that the fruitful collaboration between the lubricant specialist and Jaguar Land Rover dates back to 2001. In fact, the manufacturer’s vehicles are born with Castrol Edge Professional in their engine, since they first use a lubricant developed by Castrol. Moreover, the latter is the only lubricant recommended by Jaguar Land Rover.

“Castrol plays a vital role in helping Jaguar Land Rover achieve its goals on most powertrain issues, reducing engine wear and helping improve fuel efficiency.allocated Peter Hettichglobal director of customer service for Jaguar Land Rover. Our future technological developments continue to evolve at a rapid pace, and Castrol plays an important role in this development.” Accuracy. In addition to co-designing and developing engine oils for production vehicles, Castrol remains the main sponsor/partner of the Jaguar Formula E racing team, whose role is to serve as a testing ground for new technologies and solutions.