Current sports books

We have the opportunity to highlight some modern “sports” books whose recent release or legacy continues to revive the sports and literary chronicles of the time…

NBA tripRemy Reverson

The advantage when a journalist like Remy Revershon writes a book is that we are convinced and convinced that he is indeed the author of such a work. An NBA specialist for years, whose popularity boom in France has never stopped exploding since Michael Jordan, the BeIn Sports journalist offers a trip to each of the franchises and, in particular, to cities with an NBA team.

If sport in the media in France always has an annoying tendency to release book after book every week without, sometimes, a big share in the profits, then Reverson certainly stands out from the crowd.

This book, which was released in late 2021 and focuses on culture, travel and sports, is certainly a success, and its critics are unanimous. According to them, it is aimed at fans of the NBA and basketball, as well as beginners in general.

Mind in pokerBarry Carter

Within a few years, the mental aspect has become predominant in the world of sports such as basketball and entertainment. This is the case, for example, in poker, where both experienced players and beginners are no longer ashamed to seek help, whether it be psychological help or drawing various information from books.

Barry Carter’s book Mental Poker, published a few years ago, is itself a reference book for the game and helps those who want to take a step towards the psychological aspect of this sport. Returning to the origins of this entertainment at the very beginning and carefully thinking about how to act during the game, this book remains a reference in 2022.

10 Faubourg MontmartreAlumni Association Command

Is there a magazine or sports newspaper in the French-speaking sports world that is more reputable than “L’Équipe”? Probably no. L’Équipe Alumni Association returns to historic headquarters auto magazinewhich later became Command.

There is everything about the program, raw articles, fantastic anecdotes from the history of sports, summaries of evenings organized at the headquarters to celebrate the titles of athletes especially close to certain journalists. It tells the life of the newspaper, never idealizing it, and the former tenants recall a pen in hand, memories of a story that continues to this day.

turbulence, Ben Tuard

In the world of surfing, sports and photography lovers find an activity that perfectly combines their two passions, perhaps better than any other sport. IN turbulenceartist photographer Ben Thouar further satisfies his legend of ocean artist.

His best photographs are featured in what is commonly referred to as a “beautiful book” surrounded by multiple viewpoints of Tahiti’s mythical Teahupoo wave, where surfers of the upcoming 2024 Olympics will have the honor of competing to win. the highest title.

Golf, exceptional courses around the worldIan T. Spragg

This book must have been under the tree of many enthusiasts, because its release took place in early December. Ian T. Spragg, beauty writer and celebrity journalist for the sports section of the Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph across the Channel, caught the attention of lovers of beautiful scenery and, of course, golf.

Enough to cause great desires among lovers of wild rudeness …