Devinci DB720: vintage charm but electric motor

In the world of sports cars almost all brands are involved in an endless race for power. Performance improves year after year, as does cornering speed, thanks to new tire technology. To the point where the potential of these vehicles becomes unusable on the road. There are a few exceptions such as the Alpine A110 or the Secma F16 Turbo. But even if these two machines rely on lightness more than the number of horses, they reach incredible speeds too easily. “We wanted to get out of this race for power,” says Jonathan Rouanet, commercial director of Devinci. “Pure performance comes at the expense of driving pleasure and build quality. We create works of art on wheels.”

Talking about a rolling work of art is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, while BMW is selling a car designed by Jeff Koons! But the care with which Devinci are made is evident. The DB720 Brigitte we tested is different noble materials : body made of aluminum sheet, running boards, pedals and grille machined from aluminum block, wooden floor, leather upholstery, cork aluminum dashboard … Everything is pleasing to the eye and reminiscent of old cars. Because if Devinci are really modern cars, their style is clearly inspired by the racing cars of the interwar period. In its first achievement, unveiled in 2018, D417, a small brand created by driver Jean-Philippe Dairault, went even further with rigid axles and leaf springs. From next year, the DB718 received regular springs, a single wishbone axle and a wider interior for more comfort. Convenience has gained what the line has lost in elegance.

Bugatti Type 35 appearance but modern car template

Today, Devinci vehicles are still similar to the DB718. If the brand has continuous improvement policy and that the number changes with each release year, the new DB720 we tested stays very close to the DB718 and even closer to the DB721 that takes its place. Despite the fact that the car seems small in the photos, it shows itself surprisingly impressive in reality3.91 long and, most importantly, 1.77 m wide. The size, clearly superior to the Bugatti Type 35 or Morgan 3-Wheeler, corresponds to a universal city car, the track width cannot but surprise for such a low car, devoid of a roof and any rain protection.