Elderly people: new common houses with tarnaise sauce

The most important
Two Albigensian entrepreneurs have just built a group of common houses. The first residence will open its doors on June 1st in Albi. The rest will follow to Gayak and Carmo.

“They did what they dreamed of for their parents,” says Audrey Vergne, director of Manava. In a few weeks, the first common houses of the group will open their doors in Tarn and in particular in Albi.

Nothing predisposed Thierry Luz and Thierry Barrault, two Albigensian entrepreneurs who created a housing group for the elderly. It all starts with two accidents at the end of their parents’ lives. The two men then decided to channel their expertise into inclusive housing. “Our goal was to try to find solutions and, above all, bring back humanity. This is a very strong desire,” says Thierry Luz.

bring back humanity

But there can be no question of building housing (their main business) from scratch. “First we worked on the concept, and then we built the buildings,” emphasizes the business manager. They think of a real concept, they want the perfect home for our seniors. For three years they finalize their project, and then launch it.

On June 1, the first Manava residence will open in Albi, the second in Carmaux and the third in Gaillac. Other projects are already underway in smaller municipalities, as well as in the neighboring department. “Representatives of the municipality contacted us. We had no idea that there was such a need for housing. In total, we started with 200 houses,” explains Thierry Luz.

Albigensian common house les jardins de Monge, able to accommodate 12 people, has an area of ​​520 m2. There is a common area (dining room, living room, TV, fireplace…). And on the sides are six large bedrooms equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom. Everything is suitable for the elderly or people with disabilities: Italian shower, closet on top…

The rooms are big enough for people to host their family and friends. And if it ever gets too crowded, there is a room for private parties. All of them have a terrace. The peculiarity of the institution, the rooms are equipped with a home automation control system: a fall sensor, loss of autonomy. “We can detect changes in a person’s habits,” adds Audrey Vergne.

Prevent loss of autonomy

Outside you can find a vegetable garden, an orchard, a chicken coop. Purpose: for people to share and exercise. For those who prefer, there is a petanque court. And games for the children when the grandchildren come.

The house will be run by a governess who will organize the common life. Of course, residents will have a shuttle to get to the city center. “Everything is done to ensure that residents remain in the community and local life,” says Audrey Vergne. Thus, many partnerships are being established with associations, especially sports ones.

Residents will also be able to receive medical care on the spot. There is a separate room with a large jacuzzi. Partnerships have been established with the offices of doctors and physiotherapists. The main purpose of shared houses is to prevent the loss of autonomy and maintain social ties. Push the addiction as far as possible.

Leisure club for the elderly

The two project designers wanted to go further than residences. They launched the Manava club. And he will open the first holiday village of 25 villas near Sijan in Ode. Residents will have priority to stay there.

A second one is to open near Lagrave in Tarn with a large event hall so that all residents who wish to meet can meet for “general meetings between habitats”. The club will also offer organized trips, field trips, thematic visits. “Our goal is to capture the spirit of the club,” insists Thierry Luz.