Electoral process in the National Olympic Sports Committee (KOSNI): a three-member election commission has been established

Yesterday, Sunday, April 24, 2022, the National Olympic Committee of Niger held a regular general meeting in the meeting room of the said organization, located in the Lazaret area. The purpose of this meeting is to elect, in accordance with the texts (charter and internal regulations) of COSNI, the members of the Electoral Commission. Thus, at the suggestion of the COSNI Executive Board, the participants brought together the three names proposed to sit and participate in this process. This General Assembly was chaired by the Vice-President of COSNI, Mr. Hashim Seydoux, in the presence of some members of the Executive Council and several representatives of sports federations that are members of COSNI.

At the beginning of the General Assembly, the Vice President of COSNI checked for a quorum. Noting that this had been achieved, he proceeded to open the General Meeting on behalf of the chairman and other members of the Board held accountable, the agenda of which included one item. This is the election of the members of the COSNI Electoral Commission. Mr. Hashimou Seydou noted that the current Executive Board’s mandate expires next June. Thus, in accordance with the provisions of the organization’s charter, an independent election commission consisting of three (3) members elected during the General Assembly that precedes the elected General Assembly will be responsible for verifying that candidates meet the conditions of eligibility. required in the Bylaws and Internal Affairs of COSNI and, in general, to conduct and control all operations related to voting. In particular, the members of this electoral commission must not be candidates; be neutral and independent and not present a risk of conflict of interest in the electoral process. In accordance with the same texts, the Electoral Commission will be responsible for notifying the complete list of all candidates for each position of the Executive Council to all members of the General Assembly at least eight (8) days before the date of the election of the General Assembly. .

The Vice President shall submit to the General Assembly a list of the three individuals identified and selected to serve on this COSNI Electoral Commission. The General Assembly unanimously approved the three nominations by acclamation. They are Useini Jibag, Amadou Jibo Mamoudu and Sani Abdulkadri Issoufou, all magistrates recognized for their integrity.

Thus, in accordance with the texts of COSNI, the Electoral Commission has the main mandate and task of conducting an electoral process for the renewal of the Executive Council of the said Organization. In this capacity, he receives applications after the opening of deposits by the outgoing Executive Board, checks the applications according to the criteria dictated in the texts of the organization, transmits the list of selected applications to the Executive Board, stops at the date of the election, organizes the vote, announces the results. The mission of the Commission ends after the announcement of the results. At this stage, COSNI has taken all measures to create the best working conditions for the Commission. Elections will be held here in Niamey at the organization’s headquarters on a date specified by the Electoral Commission.

After the agenda item was settled, the COSNI Vice President informed the various federations of the good news regarding the Olympic Scholarships. Niger received 11 individual scholarships from 20 submitted files. Therefore, interested federations were invited to contact the COSNI General Secretariat to proceed with the process.

It was on that note of hope that the General Assembly rose. But first, the Vice-President, on behalf of the other members of the Council, expressed his satisfaction with the calm that characterized the work of the General Assembly. He conveyed all the greetings and support of COSNI President Elhaji Eid Issac, prevented. Thus, Mr. Hashim Seydou called on all member structures to work for the success of the electoral process, which will be independent and transparent in accordance with the requirements of the COSNI texts, as well as in accordance with the requirements of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). .

Ali Mama (onep)