FIBA creates Courtside 1981 to “revolutionarily change the way the basketball community watches and follows their favorite sport.”

The International Federation has just formalized its partnership with Two Circles and the creation of Courtside 1891. “a long-term strategic venture that will revolutionize the global market for direct-to-consumer basketball content.”.

In an effort to break the codes and dramatically improve the basketball community’s access to the sport they love, the International Federation has announced a partnership with Two Circles through 2029 to “develop new digital platforms and build a dedicated team dedicated to product strategy, sales, marketing, data management and basketball analytics.”. Thus was born Courtside 1891, whose mission is to provide the global basketball community with live and on-demand broadcasts, schedules and scores from around the world.

Please note that live matches are available with an annual subscription or an event subscription. There is also a free subscription that allows fans to access video clips, scores, schedules and statistics. FIBA hopes to use this service to help its broadcast partners communicate their activities to as many people as possible.

Press release from the International Basketball Federation:

“FIBA, the International Basketball Federation and a sports marketing and data technology company today announced the creation of a long-term strategic company that will revolutionize the retail market by serving basketball content consumers around the world.

In line with FIBA’s vision to make basketball the world’s most popular sports community and the strategic goal of expanding the FIBA ​​family, the partnership will enable FIBA ​​and Two Circles to develop, market and bring to market entirely new destinations. consumer offering under the Courtside 1891 brand.

The new product Courtside 1891 brings together results, broadcasts and schedules from a wide variety of basketball events and leagues around the world. This comprehensive content offering, combined with a fresh and unique new brand, represents a bold and innovative departure from the usual digital offerings of sports federations.

The initial product launch of the Courtside 1891 was a limited edition release for the recent second qualifying window for the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023, which took place in February across all FIBA ​​regions.

The Courtside 1891 business will allow FIBA ​​to develop direct and long-term relationships with fans around the world and to better understand the behavior and attitudes of basketball fans around the world in order to create new products and new strategies. It will also increase the visibility and visibility of FIBA ​​competitions along with regional and national leagues around the world. »

“We are thrilled to be embarking on this adventure with Two Circles. Developing a global profile of basketball and connecting the basketball community is fundamental to our vision. With Two Circles expertise in digital strategies that engage audiences and develop direct relationships with fans, this partnership has already provided a new digital platform that all members of the FIBA ​​family will benefit from and will create an unprecedented level of engagement with our basketball. fanbase. »

Andreas Zagklis, FIBA ​​Secretary General

“Direct fan relationships have become a valuable currency as sports venues transition from the analogue era of broadcast television to the era of digital consumption and distribution. As an international federation, FIBA ​​has a proven track record of innovation and we are excited about the impact our data-driven approach can have on pushing the boundaries and initiating the next phase of media outreach and digital engagement with FIBA ​​fans. »

Gareth Balch, CEO of Two Circles

Photo: Courtside, 1981

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