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D-95, a symbolic countdown has been launched to actually immerse Oran in the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Games due to open next June. The bet is made, a risky bet at the time, as the delays recorded in the reception of sports and reception facilities have in many cases raised concerns about the cancellation of this regional event from Algeria. However, even in the opinion of the observers from the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games, the pace of work and the involvement of government agencies dispelled the last doubts about the operational ability of Oran to host these sports games. A commitment that mobilized people and resources for a task that many compare to improvisation.

An impression heightened by smear campaigns by its western neighbor aimed at discrediting Algeria in its ability to deal with an event of this magnitude. The Mediterranean Games are not only a sporting event, but also an international showcase, a calling card that can be played to restore a reputation tarnished by years of mismanagement, and thus reconcile the Algerians, above all, with the achievements of their country. These Games should be a real breath of fresh air for foreign and domestic tourists, an open door to local wealth, despite some gaps in official management, which, with complete impunity, turns the vilayet’s thousand-year history into a vulgar construction site. . The opportunity to also take advantage of devoting oneself to perpetuating all these achievements after the Games, so as not to fall into the sin of waste.

These Games, which cost a fortune, Algeria, through Oran, should rationalize these infrastructures, offering them a second life in the form of an Olympic village, which will be reinvested for new purposes. This intelligence in managing achievements should primarily benefit the people of Oran, who hope their city will enter a new dynamic and reclaim its place in the Mediterranean basin.

There are many examples of how these cities emerged from anonymity through the organization of international competitions such as Barcelona, ​​but history will also remember memorable fiascos such as Sarajevo. On June 12, Algeria will be the biggest winner of these Games, regardless of the number of podiums.