Gyms and spas will be able to open on February 14 in Quebec | Coronavirus

The news was officially confirmed by Lego Prime Minister.

février […] les activités sportives et artistiques vont être permises pour les adultes jusqu’à un maximum de 25personnes”,”text”:”À compter du 14février […] les activités sportives et artistiques vont être permises pour les adultes jusqu’à un maximum de 25personnes”}}”>From February 14 […] sports and artistic events will be allowed for adults up to 25 peopleThis was stated by Prime Minister Francois Legault at a press conference. This also means that gyms and later spas will also be able to reopen.

I think it will be good, but we will stop there. in the meantime, he has softened, re-emphasizing the need to protect the health care system under pressure.

We are very pleased with this announcement.said Gabriel Hardy of the Canadian Fitness Industry Council in an interview with ICI RDI on Tuesday. We can’t wait to see if we get that far.he added. Two weeks of a pandemic is an eternity.

Interview with Gabriel Hardy, Provincial Representative of Canada’s Fitness Industry Council.

Mr Hardy expected the gym capacity to remain limited and obviously all sanitary measures will have to remain in place, including distancing, wearing a mask, using a vaccination passport, and disinfecting. But he the time it takes for physical activity to get back into the population health equationAccording to him.

Photo of a resort overlooking the St. Lawrence River in winter.

Photo of a resort overlooking the St. Lawrence River in winter.

Photo: Strom Spa

Finally we speak! We are very happy! The president of the Strøm Nordic spa in Quebec, Guillaume Lemoine, is keen to reopen his establishment.

He regrets that the date was set after a potentially lucrative Valentine’s Day weekend, but encourages lovers to give packages as gifts to help the industry recover from the pandemic.

Blur on masks

Parents and the Quebec Collegiate Athletic Network (RSEQ) have been instructed that a mask must now be worn at all times during indoor activities, including for children of all ages.

Asked about this, Acting National Director of Public Health Dr Luc Boileau said he recommends wearing a mask at all times. but if very intensive activities are performed, we understand that we can not wear it.

Obviously, if you are very hot, if you are doing intense sports, for example, if you are on ice, you can remove the mask if you feel more comfortable removing the mask.he clarified later.

But when we find ourselves on the bench […] what you need to do is keep wearing the mask as long as possiblehe concluded, making no distinction by age.

More relaxation ahead?

Prime Minister Lego spoke to public health experts on Monday night for an update on the easing of restrictions.

The day marked the start of relief from the latest wave of COVID-19 cases. In particular, the reopening of canteens in restaurants, student sports and small gatherings are allowed again.

When asked about the possibility of speeding up the lifting of measures, Mr Lego stated that no nothing is out of the question.

Can we tell you next week that we can go a little further on Super Bowl day, that was part of the discussions […] not yet, but we will review it next week. »

Quote from François Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec

Other lifting of restrictions is scheduled for February 7 in relation to concert halls and cinemas.

The owners of training centers have been unhappy with the lack of announcements about them in the past few days. Some of them symbolically mobilized on Sunday to demand the opportunity to resume their activities.

We see that there is impatience, Quebecers who are tirednoted the Prime Minister at a press conference on Tuesday, saying to take into account mental health and social world in their decisions.

According to François Legault, the key to accelerating deconfinement remains the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. While 61% of adults have already received a booster dose, This is not enoughthe prime minister complained.

Based on information from Sebastien Beauvais, Thomas Gerbet and Pascal Pointlane.