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FAVERGE-SEYTHENEX | City Council votes to abolish position of cultural assistant

PUBLISHING 20.04.2022 by Auriana Castro – 16 views

Without a cultural assistant, but the mayor guaranteed: ” […] culture remains in Faverge. We have and will have a cultural will at the level of our commune. »

The elected officials of Faverge-Seiteneks met at the municipal council on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Somewhat special advice, since the appointment of a new municipal councilor and the abolition of the position of deputy for culture were on the agenda.
Indeed, after the resignation of Philippe Strapazzon, the position of the 6th deputy mayor became vacant. Therefore, the municipal team put to a vote the abolition of the position of the latter: Deputy Delegate for Culture, Communication, New Technologies, Cultural Associations, Twinning and Heritage. Missions that will soon be redistributed among several deputies.

This reduction was criticized by the opposition, the political group Rassembler et Agir: ” […] we will vote against the abolition of the post of cultural assistant, which symbolically seems to us very significant. »

In addition to the symbol, elected officials denounced the added workload that could tire deputy mayors or cause them to forgo certain missions: ” […] How can they then still manage important files related to communication. And especially in culture: How long have you been in contact with cultural associations? What time is the showroom open? […] ? What a job with two big cultural structures, Soierie and School of Living Arts […] What is the time to exchange with other institutional partners such as DRAC and National Education for Fabric’Art? […] »

Concerns Faverge-Satenex Mayor Jacques Dalex Wanted to Address : “I can assure you that the culture remains in Faverge. We have and will have a cultural will at the level of our commune. Cultural associations have nothing to worry about, just like Soierie and Ecoles des Arts vivants. » The mayor also assured that a middle ground would be found so as not to overload the electors: “We will definitely find the right formula. And then there’s nothing fickle about having an early childhood assistant taking care of Fabric’Art…” The mayor of Faverges-Seitenex also explained: “Today we are liquidating the position, but nothing prevents us from creating it later. Nothing is final, but you know that we have to deal with very short deadlines. »

In the end, this reduction was voted for. It received four abstentions and four votes against.

The new municipal councilor joined the elected officials on April 19, 2022, replacing the post of municipal councilor Philippe Strappason. The municipal council took note of the installation by Christiane Lecuillet and welcomed it. The mayor especially praised her: “Thank you for being part of this adventure as a municipal councillor. » The newly elected spoke at the end of the meeting: “Hopefully I can do a good job. I’m waiting to find out which commissions I’ll be on. I have always been very involved in the life of the commune and for many years. Thanks for your welcome. »

The next municipal council of the commune is scheduled for April 27, 2022. By then, elected officials should have learned more about Philippe Strappazzo’s redistribution of missions and the new organization of the council.