Harsha Bhogl refutes report referring to Deepika Pallikal as ‘Dinesh Karthik’s wife’ – Reuters

Commentator Harsha Bhogl criticized one media outlet for calling squash player Deepika Pallikal “Dinesh Karthik’s wife” in a headline. Deepika, along with Saurav Ghosal and longtime teammate Joshna Chinappa, won the mixed and women’s doubles titles at the World Doubles Championships in Glasgow. Playing her first competitive event since October 2018, she won the mixed doubles title with Gosal. Some time later, she repeated the feat with Chinappa in the women’s doubles final. Harsha wrote that Deepika is a champion in her own right and that he hopes the publication will change the title.

“Hey @ZeeNews, would you like to change the name? This is not fair to Deepika Pallikal who is a champion in her own right. I hope you will. Dinesh Karthik’s wife, Deepika Pallikal, is propelling India to HISTORICAL doubles squash world titles. »

Internet users are divided on this issue. While some said the post was fake, others said it made sense as Deepika’s cricket-playing husband is more famous than her.

“Absolutely true. Using your spouse’s name when describing your achievements is something that has been happening in sports for far too long, especially when it comes to women. It’s high time to stop this.”

“It is not necessary to mention the name of the spouse when covering professional matters. »

“I knew Deepika Pallikal, probably a lot more than Karthik, simply because she and Joshana Chinnapa were the only world famous squash torchbearers in India. I think she is one of the biggest sports icons in India. DK has not reached this position yet. »

“Although I agree that the name is wrong, but definitely in a country where most people don’t know the difference between tennis and badminton, they only know Deepika and squash because of DK. This is sad, but also true. »

“They will write: ‘Deepika Pallikal’s husband won the IPL.’ It’s not just about gender bias. It is also a motherly step towards other sports, even if the achievement is much more important. The World Cup is, of course, much more important than the national tournament. But this is not cricket. »

Last year, actress Priyanka Chopra criticized an article that called her “Nick Jonas’ wife.”

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