health protocol lightened again on March 14th, here’s what you need to know

Monday, March 14 marks a new step forward in the health protocol applied in schools. Indeed, a few days after the return of winter holidays for each zone (February 21, 2022 for zone B, February 28, 2022 for zone A and March 7, 2022 for zone C), the health protocol will move to level 1 (green level) for all schools and educational institutions throughout the country. The new conditions were posted online on Friday, March 11 on the website of the Ministry of National Education, and we learn that this move to level 1 implies, among other things, the end of the obligation to limit mixing between groups of students.

Specifically, students can now mingle outside the school level while avoiding large gatherings. This measure is also accompanied by the lifting of restrictions on physical and sports activities: sports can be played indoors without restrictions. But the rules regarding hand washing, ventilation and surface disinfection. “, – specifies the ministry. The latter nevertheless recommends in its “frequently asked questions” as a first step, and as far as possible, limit excessive mixing between group class and levels, especially during rest and recovery periods “.

What are the rules for contact cases?

In addition, moving to level 1 also means the removal of the obligation to wear a mask indoors for primary school students. Added to this is the fact that from this date the obligation to wear a mask indoors for all employees, as well as middle and high school students, will be lifted. according to the trends accepted in the general population. However, the ministry clarifies that staff and students who wish to do so will be able to continue to wear it if they wish. As for the issue of cleaning and disinfection of premises and equipment, the most important component of the fight against the spread of the virus, the new protocol assumes a frequency of at least once a day.

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What’s new in contact cases? In recent days, teacher unions have been concerned about the management of contact cases in colleges and high schools, fearing that this will lead to turns into a gas plant procedures. “, explained SE-Unsa General Secretary Stefan Krosche. In a secondary school where students were previously not considered contact if they were vaccinated because they wore a mask, it now appears that ” all students who were in the same class with a confirmed case (common core class, specialty groups, options, languages, etc.) are considered at-risk contacts, with no distinction between students who wore or did not wear a mask. “, the ministry wrote.

For these contact cases, the ministry recommends: strictly wearing a mask indoors for 7 days after the occurrence of a confirmed case ” and perform an antigen or RT-PCR test at the end of the 7-day period from the last contact with a confirmed case. In elementary school, all students in the class will remain connected as before, as well as the teacher, if he is not wearing a mask, who will have to check himself for D + 2. It should be noted that also from March 14, the application of the vaccination card will be suspended in institutions where it was required (places of recreation and culture, commercial catering, fairs and exhibitions, etc.): therefore, in particular, it will no longer be required for school field trips, school sports federation events, or even training restaurants.