History of the sports press in Tangier (1960-2022)

Memories, nothing but memories and more memories… That’s how you can sum up the life of the sports press in Tangier. The press is called Zamane al Jamil.

It was a real family, whose members met every Sunday at the non-existent Marchand stadium. We discussed on the podium, commented on training, wrote articles, exchanged opinions, made reports. Everything was done professionally.

We have learned a lot, we have progressed rapidly. The beginning of the sports press in Tangier dates back to 1960.

Before independence, we talked about sports, but in the form of short news. There was no journalism.

The first three journalists

The first sports journalists in the city were three: Usin Bustani, Mokhtar Khlimi on Radio Tangier and Renato Piñero on “Diario España”.

The topic of sports was on the front pages, and the people of Tangier got acquainted with the programs and reports, which they followed with enthusiasm. Usin Bustani presented “mañana del lunes” in Spanish, Mokhtar Khlimi presented “world of sports” in Arabic, Renato Piñero wrote “la hoja del lunes” in Spanish. It took ten years for a sports press to finally appear in French.

First two French-speaking journalists

It was the Casablanca daily newspaper “Le Matin” that took the initiative to train two young promising journalists appointed by sports editor Daniel Pilard: Abdelmajid Bakhti and Rachid Madani, who were to complete a lengthy internship in Casablanca at Philip’s stadium.

At the same time, an Arabic-language sports press emerged with two great reporters, Mohamed Gharbi on Radio Tangier and Abdeslam Shaabawi on Al-Alam newspaper.

A few years later, Moroccan sports journalists had to organize to create their first association, AMPS Association Marocaine Presse Sportive, which was headquartered in Rabat under the chairmanship of Abdelatif Gharbi, with the support of the well-known general secretary Kamal Lahlou, currently Vice President of the National Committee of Morocco Olympic .

In 1975, only four journalists covered sporting events: Abdelmajid Bakhti, Mohamed Gharbi, Abdeslam Shaabawi and Rashid Madani in a city as important as Tangier, with a population of 750,000.

1985: sports press year

In 1985, many young sports journalists in Arabic were initiated, Mohamed Saidi, Hassan Boudra, Farid Dahrush, commanded by Arabic-speaking pen veterans Abdeluahid Shabu, Mohamed Bouassid, Larbi Zugari, Bashir Mesri, Mohamed Sadhi, and French-speaking Nuredine Filali and Dries Ghazi. With the arrival of Bukili at the head of the regional RTM, Mohamed Samadi took the place of Ahmed Hdidek’s employee to forget about the deceased one of the best reporters, Abdelmajid Bakhti.

Then we can talk about another phase, marked by the arrival of Mustafa Sbai to the Matin du Sahara, followed by Mohamed Dfuf and Abdelmajid Ouriagli.

A good school of sports press came with the opening of Medi 1 radio, introduced first by another Mustafa Sbai and then by Jalal Buzrara. Now this school has just been strengthened by the same Jalal Buzrara, Fuad Hanawi and Abdellah Jaafari on the Medi 1 TV channel.

It is also important to mention the new so-called electronic sports press, which employs several colleagues: Mohamed Senkor, Rashid Khdifi, Hisham Jaidi, Bashir Lajuk, but not forgetting the veteran Achkuk.

As for the radio of private channels, we can say that it is present with Abelhalak Shabu, Fuad Sediki and Mohamed Agzul, without forgetting, however, the symbolic figure of the first woman at the microphone of sports in the north, Layla Bedouche.

At MAP, Hisham Moussaoui joined the Tangier sports press family.

Eternal memory to the dead journalists

This portrait is a unique opportunity to pay a posthumous tribute to the memory of the seven missing sports reporters Abdelmajid Bakhti, Mohamed Gharbi, Abdeluahid Shabu, Driss Ghazi, Mohamed Dfuf, Abdelmajid Ouriagli and Mustafa Sbai from the radio. Allah Yerhamhum…