Honda S2000 sold for more than 4 times the new price

The Honda S2000 is a Japanese brand roadster that has accumulated records and titles thanks to its advanced mechanics. If this car is on its way to becoming a collector’s item, we’re looking at the more specific case where a copy was sold for $200,000, 4 times its new price. What justifies such an amount?

Very specific configuration

If the rating of the S2000 is on the rise, then the rating of the rare CR version in the United States has just borrowed a Space X rocket to fly to Mars. This is just one of 700 CRs sold in the United States in Rio Yellow Pearl that fetched $200,000 at A configuration and history that had everything to create a record selling price.

After all, this copy, in addition to being rare and in demand, is also extremely close to a new one. The car is flawless, if you believe that it has never been driven since leaving the dealership. Condition, which is due to the fact that since the sale in 2009 the car has traveled only 122 miles, approximately 200 km.

Final S2000

The S2000 CR is the latest version of the S2000, released to the market in 2009, the last year of production that we never had the right to.

It’s a shame, because this S2000 differs in many ways from our European versions. First, there is no longer a naturally aspirated 2-liter (F20C) under the hood that we have in Europe on the AP1 S2000 version. It’s a still-aspirated 2.2-liter (F22C) that slumbers under the CR’s hood. This engine arrived in the USA and Japan in 2004 during the restyling of the S2000, passing it under the code AP2. The performance of this engine is equivalent, although it produces slightly more torque, but its red zone drops from 1000 rpm to 8000 rpm.

If the main modifications of this S2000 CR are not mechanical, then on the chassis. This exclusive version has a new suspension, stiffer anti-roll bars and a different steering calibration. The work done by Honda to exacerbate the sporting qualities of its roadster.

Finally, what really stands out about this S2000 CR is its style. It uses phase 2 elements but adds certain elements starting from the front fender, the rear fender is also specific. It comes with a black hard top as standard and an exclusive roll bar cover that can be fitted as the soft top has been removed by the manufacturer in this version to save weight. To ride your hair in the wind, you have to take off your hard top and leave it at home, which means you need to be confident in the weather.

The interior also receives certain elements. In addition to cruise control, which has never been seen in Europe, the CR has special upholstery in Alcantara and fabric that matches the color of the car. The seams on the leather steering wheel, gearshift boot and door interior trim also match.

More than price, trend

Thus, it was the combination of the car’s rarity and unusual history that caused the auction to skyrocket. Not all S2000s are $200,000, but it’s becoming increasingly rare to see them match, if not exceed, the new aftermarket price.

This example of selling the S2000 at a staggering price allows for this growth trend in the entire specific Japanese car market. Prices for Japanese sports cars such as the Nissan Skyline GTR, Toyota Supra or even the Honda NSX have skyrocketed, sometimes exceeding half a million euros. Having become unaffordable, buyers are returning to less symbolic sports cars, which also drives up their prices.

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