Jolt Boots: the new compression boots for recovery, water retention and cellulite reduction!

A specialist in innovative solutions to meet the recovery needs of athletes, JOLT launches the JOLT™ Boots: an innovative and resolutely effective pressotherapy device after intense sports training to relieve muscle soreness, aches and pains in the legs. The ideal solution for sports activities without the risk of inflammation or injury. Jolt Boots improve your performance in the long run and keep you healthy every day!

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Innovative pressure therapy technology

Gyms often advise taking an afternoon break after an intense leg workout. This allows the muscles to recover properly to avoid inflammation. Thanks to the Jolt boots, this is no longer necessary! The JOLT™ boots work on the principle of pressure therapy to eliminate metabolic waste that builds up in the feet.

Made up of 6 air chambers (pressure up to 260mmHg), which inflate at regular intervals (depending on the program selected), the boots gently surround the lower body. Thanks to Soft Flow technology, the legs are massaged from the feet to the thighs gradually and deeply, promoting lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. With a built-in 4-hour battery life, the compact Jolt Boots can be used at home or on the go. Easy to use and suitable for everyone, these boots are effective for water retention or swelling/heaviness in the feet after an intense workout or long ride.

Comprehensive well-being through targeted compression

The JOLT™ boots have been designed to provide optimal recovery. Using pressotherapy technology, which is already well known in the offices of medical professionals, this device allows you to work the entire length of the legs to provide a feeling of well-being to the whole body. By stimulating and improving lymphatic circulation and venous return, JOLT™ boots cause a range of physiological responses that promote the elimination of toxins and fats. It greatly improves the appearance of our skin (less cellulite) and relieves pain!

4 intelligent operating modes

Jolt Boots have 4 smart modes of operation:

• Mode A for warm-up and relaxation: alternative pressure adapted to relax the muscles.
• Mode B for deep recovery: continuous and gradual pressure on the upper legs for very fast muscle regeneration.
• Mode C for fast recovery: a combination of programs A and B for lactate elimination. Suitable for a quick recovery session.
• D mode for maximum recovery: all 6 chambers inflate simultaneously for maximum effect. This mode is designed for short and intense sessions.


– 6 compression zones and 4 intelligent operating modes
– Pressure selection: from 80 mm Hg. (10.7 kPa) up to 260 mmHg (34.7 kPa)
– Built-in 5000mAh battery (up to 4 hours battery life) for portable use
– Time selection: from 10min to 90min
– Storage box and charger included
– Silent technology <20 decibels
– Touch screen box to control time, pressure and each of the 6 air chambers
– Total weight of the kit with case: 4.5 kg.
– 2 years warranty
– CE (European Union) and FC (USA) certificates

Price : 699 €

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