Light Deconfinement in Quebec from Feb 7 – Return of Sports, Fitness Centers and Spas – Vingt55

Among the announcements by the Prime Minister about the partial reopening of certain sectors of activity, it will be possible to reopen concert halls and places of worship from February 7 “under certain conditions”.

With the public under stress, Mr. Lego announced a maximum of 25 people could return to sports from 14 February. This applies to fitness centers and spas.

Extra-curricular activities at colleges and universities, as well as vocational training and adult education, may also resume.

Also, remember that camps are allowed to hold their own activities in the run-up to spring break. However, special health measures will need to be applied.

Can we allow more activities? Prime Minister François Legault replied as follows:

“But we will stop there, unfortunately, we cannot announce other indulgences at the moment. We hope to be able to do so in the next few weeks. But it is important, I say again, to be careful, including because of the situation in our hospitals, at least to come and support the employees who have been at the front for two years. What can help us speed up deconfinement is vaccination. »

Reaching out to the unvaccinated

Mr Legault provided the following vaccination data for Quebecers aged 18 and over:

oneD speed: 92%

2as well as speed: 90%

3as well as dose: 61%

Since vaccination is considered by public health and government to be the best weapon against COVID-19, it is desirable, according to Mr Lego, to increase the percentage associated with the third dose. He indicated that vaccination centers are ready to accept the population in order to increase the number of vaccinated.

As for those who didn’t go for their first dose, Mr. Lego said he understands there are some who disapprove of having “the product in their body,” but he assures the numbers are clear: “You may be more in the hospital and die from COVID. I understand that in a society like ours, freedom is a fundamental element of our society. But we must understand that the freedom of some ends where the freedom of others begins. When a person is admitted to the hospital with COVID, they take the place of another patient waiting for surgery. So it’s a question of solidarity, it’s not just a personal decision, […] individual. »

Vaccination block

Mr Lego also announced that Lionel Carment and his team are now identifying areas in Quebec where vaccination rates are lower. Teams will include vaccinators, medical students, community organizations, and this “team,” as the prime minister called it, will meet with people in the community, including those who have difficulty getting around. In the field, the work covered 20,000 people in one week, he said at a press briefing.

End of separation

Although he had to ensure the safety of the Quebecers, even “a certain social peace”, he wanted to play his role as prime minister in order to unite the Quebecers. In this sense, in order to promote social cohesion among the people of Quebec, Prime Minister Lego repealed a bill prepared by his government to collect health care contributions from unvaccinated people. He heard protests, especially opposition parties in Quebec. “It’s time to rebuild the bridges between Quebecers, it’s time to lend a helping hand. »

In response to questions from journalists who directly asked him if he did not have the common sense to put forward such a proposal, he replied that we are not in one place, thinking about the actions to be taken to combat COVID, and we are in favor of a four-week vaccination. ago compared to today.