Ludivine Truan, founder of Happy Trek

Ludivine Truant, founder of Happy Trek (yoga retreats and wellness activities)

At thirty years old, Ludivine Trouant is the product of on-the-job training, which has allowed her to accumulate ten years of experience in sales and marketing development in various companies. But overseeing field salespeople to get the most out of them for their commercial activities quickly seemed like a limited horizon to him, especially when one wonders about the meaning of his life.

Riding the quest for well-being and healing (©Happy Trek)
Riding the quest for well-being and healing (©Happy Trek)

Riding the quest for well-being and healing (©Happy Trek)

Material wealth could not compensate for the desire for values ​​and personal enrichment.

So goodbye company car, CDI and some security to say hello to a new adventure that first involves questions and attempts.

Pretty quickly, I turned to what I liked to do and the desire to share it. Therefore, I created a food blog that emphasizes healthy recipes that take into account the seasonal rhythm, the promotion of organic products and, therefore, a certain ethics of consumption.”

Her blog, an open door to new universes, has allowed Ludivine Truant to put her digital knowledge into practice, create meetings, and discover naturopathy.

Therefore, 2018 will be dedicated to teaching this practice, which promotes a healthy lifestyle, including through natural nutrition, physical activity and herbal medicine to achieve good balance and natural health.