Mark your calendars: here’s the full deconfinement schedule for Quebec

Prime Minister François Legault unveiled a deconfinement plan on Tuesday that would allow Quebecers to return to a more normal life. The only measures that will last and will not be lifted even on March 14 are wearing a mask and a vaccination passport. Here is a guide to relaxation date planning.

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12th of February

◆ In private homes, the Public Health Service lifts restrictions on the number of gatherings. However, it is proposed to be limited to 10 people or residents of three residences. These rules also apply to tourist accommodation facilities.

◆ In restaurants, a maximum of 10 people or a group of three different addresses can sit at a table.

◆ In housing for the elderly: private homes for the elderly (RPA): 2 people (guardians or visitors) at the same time, maximum 4 people per day; residential and long-term care centers (CHSLDs) and intermediate resources hosting the elderly : 1 person (guardian or visitor) at a time, maximum 2 persons per day.

The 14th of February

◆ Resumption of sports matches for all;

◆ Opening of gyms and spas at 50% capacity.

◆ Completion of sanitary protocols for outdoor sports competitions;

◆ Capacity 5000 people for outdoor shows, with vaccination passport.

February 21

◆ Removal of the store capacity limit while maintaining the vaccination passport in places where it is already required;

◆ Opening of entertainment centers (arcades, water parks, entertainment centers and parks, entertainment centers and other thematic areas) in compliance with 50% capacity, with a vaccination passport;

◆ Resumption of conventions, meetings and rallies with a capacity of 50% or a maximum of 500 people, with a vaccination passport;

◆ Social events in rented premises are allowed for no more than 50 people, with a vaccination passport;

◆ Increasing the capacity of places of worship to 50% capacity, or a maximum of 500 people, with a vaccination passport;

◆ When showing the body or ashes of a deceased person and expressing condolences to loved ones, no more than 50 people will be allowed at the same time.

28th of February

◆ Rejection of mandatory remote work with a recommendation to give preference to the hybrid mode;

◆ Resumption of competitions and tournaments for everyone with a vaccination passport;

◆ Removing the limit of participants in sports and entertainment events;

◆ 100% capacity of concert halls, cinemas and sports arenas, except for halls for 10,000 people or more.

◆ Opening of bars and casinos at 50% capacity. These establishments close at 1:00, one hour after the sale of alcohol ends. People should stay there.

◆ Restaurants close at 1:00 am and food and beverage service ends at midnight;

◆ opening indoor spaces for playing billiards and darts, as well as other games of the same nature; 50% capacity and passport with mandatory vaccinations;

◆ End of seating limit at places of worship, with a vaccination passport.

March 14th

◆ 100% capacity in public areas;

◆ There are no restrictions on table capacity in restaurants, bars and taverns;

◆ Dancing and karaoke allowed;

Social events in the rented premises:

  • no restrictions on the number of participants, with a vaccination passport;
  • maximum 20 people, without vaccination passport;

◆ Places of worship, funerals (ceremonies, condolences) and weddings: 100% capacity and possible without vaccination passport, maximum 50 people at a time;

◆ 100% capacity of concert halls and sports arenas for 10,000 people or more.