Market for sellers

“I have already warned the players that I am not going to have a sale. In a press conference the day after Ben Chiarot left the Florida Panthers, Kent Hughes made this clear.

Hughes and Jeff Gorton have already changed the Canadiens’ image quite a bit in recent weeks, trading Tyler Toffoli to the Calgary Flames and Kiaroth.

CH have expanded their bank of options by adding a 2022 first round pick (Flames), a 2023 first round pick (Panthers), a 2022 fourth round pick (Rangers via Panthers) and a 5as well as round in 2023 (Flames). In addition to four picks, Hughes also acquired two prospects in winger Emil Heinemann and center Ty Smilanic.

On his first trade deadline as NHL team general manager, Hughes didn’t wait until 1:00 a.m. to move. The former player’s agent has already traded two important items, each time getting interesting results.

The deadline for NHL trades ends today at 3:00 pm. Once again, sports TV channels such as TVA Sports, RDS, TSN and Sportsnet will have several hours of airtime to fill without necessarily describing new exposure transactions.

Several big names have already switched sides. Early Saturday night, the Flyers granted the wish of their captain, Claude Giroud, by selling him to the Florida Panthers. The Franco-Ontarian was the most gifted forward on the market.

Also on Saturday, the Boston Bruins bolstered their defensive team with the addition of Hampus Lindholm from the Anaheim Ducks. Like the Panthers for Chiaro, the Bruins practically gave up a kidney to acquire Lindholm. However, Don Sweeney ensured that he would not only be a loan player by signing him an eight-year and 52 million contract extension (6.5 million on average).

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There was also an action on the eve of the deadline. The Maple Leafs emulated the Panthers and Bruins by looking for reinforcements on the blue line. Kyle Dubas sacrificed 2nd pickas well as queue in 2022, choice 2as well as queue in 2023 and choice of 3as well as round in 2024 against Seattle Kraken captain Mark Giordano. Kraken also traded forward Colin Blackwell in this deal.

“It means a lot to me to have the chance to play for the Stanley Cup with the Leafs,” said Toronto’s Giordano. The Leafs were among the teams I was targeting. Returning to your hometown is a big bonus. The talent level of this team is comparable to other very good teams in the NHL. »

To facilitate this deal, Kraken retained 50% of last year’s Giordano contract (6.75 million).

Without any doubts. Teams looking to get better for the playoffs aren’t afraid to pay high prices. This is clearly a favorable context for sellers.

So Hughes will need to think about this last day of trades. If he ever gets the moon for Arturi Lehkonen, he might succumb to temptation. However, he needs to be more persuasive to get rid of Jeff Petrie and his heavy contract.

The magazine offers you a list of players who are most likely to go to the Houses.

shea Weber

Duel of Weber vs. Letang

File photo, Martin Chevalier

Rumor has it that the Arizona Coyotes and Canadiens have tried or will try to bargain over the Canadiens captain’s contract. Both parties will benefit from this. Kent Hughes cleared out his payroll in hopes of more freedom this summer. For his part, Bill Armstrong would increase his chances of hitting the minimum wage without hurting his wallet. Weber will actually earn a total of $6 million over the next four seasons. It is ideal for a team that will play in a 5,000-seat building and whose income will be modest.

Jeff petri

Sabers vs. Canadians

File photo, Martin Chevalier

Kent Hughes promised to exchange it if the price was right. The severity and length of his contract repelled more than one. Especially the way he’s been playing for months now.

He’s more of the type to switch places during the off-season, when general managers have time to get their finances in order.

artturi Lehkonen

Sabers vs. Canadians

File photo, Martin Chevalier

If the general manager doesn’t offer Luna to Kent Hughes, Arturi Lehkonen won’t leave Montreal. The services the Finn renders to the Houses are worth a gold mine in Hughes’ eyes. He is a key player who can adapt to any lane partner. His defensive work is impeccable. He also has attacking contact, even if the puck doesn’t always hit the net.

Paul Byron


File photo, Martin Chevalier

Upon his arrival at the club in October 2015, he provided an excellent service. However, the past four seasons have been marked by injuries, one of which required knee surgery. The world of sports is cruel, and when the Khabs got their hands on Rem Pitlik, a Byron-like player who is eight years his junior and on a less expensive contract, the Ontarian could have been sacrificed.

Chris Wideman

Sabers vs. Canadians

File photo, Martin Chevalier

He is the kind of defender who is always needed at the trade deadline. Teams aiming for long runs want to have all possible ammo and enough depth to cover injuries. The Canadian’s most used defender with a one-man lead, he could prove to be an interesting safety valve.

Matthew Perrot

Coyotes vs. Canadians

File photo, Martin Chevalier

It seems we no longer have a plan for him in Montreal. A few days ago, his name appeared on the refusal lists. Ignored by 31 teams, he was still surrounded by the Canadiens.

He recently returned to action after missing 22 games due to back pain. He is said to be considering surgery.

Cedric Package

Golden Knights vs Canadians

File photo, Martin Chevalier

After being out of 14 games in a row, on March 13, 24 hours after pulling out, he was traded to Laval Rocket. The striker has been used very little this season. He also missed ten games due to injury.