MJS wants to end DIY

MJS wants to end DIY

Professional football

Another page of professionalism in football is heating up. She is going to present her new arrangements. What will happen to those that have been carefully examined, dissected, analyzed, worked on? The answer was given by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in 2021, where he, for his part, considered that “the professionalism adopted for more than a decade did not live up to expectations.”

DIY end
The same is noted by the current Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderrezak Sebgag. He decides to go for an urgent reform with observable failures, when the shortcomings and violations recorded at all levels, be it financial, organizational, economic, educational, sports projects, are stopped. In this regard, the Minister announces that a draft revision of the methods of application of professionalism in Algerian football will be submitted to the government for adoption at one of its next meetings.

The question is, when will the professionalism?
Where does government aid go? This question is asked, of course, not by the minister, but by professionals, including fans who, willy-nilly, have become football experts. Marketing ignorance skews the note and sends teams back to practice locker rooms. How else to explain that the only serious concern of sports club leaders are the results of the team. Why is communication and marketing not within the scope of sports clubs?

Is there any incompetence on the part of managers?
Too much spending, too much spending characterizes the functioning of the clubs. The broken silence reveals inadequacy and perhaps even characterizes the inability of some managers to manage and show a good show, to set an example for other sports clubs. The observation is bitter, everyone does it, and those concerned seem to ignore it. The minister denounces “this financial assistance intended for professional clubs, which amounts to more than 4 billion DA, while the costs are in the order of 299 million DA, which is a positive account balance. The rest was paid to the treasury at the end of last year,” he explained.

Accounts receivable exceeds 1,500 billion rubles.
To make matters worse, Sebgag recalled that “professional clubs have not paid a penny into the treasury either in terms of taxation or social security. Consequently, the debts have exceeded 1,500 billion DA, so the law 13-05 regarding physical education needs to be reviewed.”

Project soon with government
Before the Finance and Budget Committee of the National People’s Assembly, the Minister will confirm that “the project concerning the revision of professionalism in Algerian football has been submitted to the government for adoption at one of the following meetings.” It should be remembered that professional clubs are managed by joint-stock sports companies, which are the main shareholder of the club. The Minister intends to act in case of negligence in accordance with the criteria of professionalism in football.

FIFA is getting more and more demanding
This issue led to “the state intervening in the case of professionalism, which put it under pressure from certain professional clubs, in particular its supporters, so there was a need to reconsider the approach to professionalism in Algeria.” Without forgetting to remind, “The State Public Fund for the Support of Professional Clubs was closed at the end of last year.” “The resolutions of the International Football Federation and the African Football Confederation require compliance with financial, legal and administrative conditions and do not specify whether it is a sports company or another,” the minister said.

Taxation and social security questionable
Professionalism in Algerian football was launched in 2010 with 32 clubs in two levels: Liga 1 and 2 (16 clubs at each level), the minister said, adding that no amounts have been paid by professional clubs since that date. to the state treasury in respect of taxation and social insurance.
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