Navymedia acquires sports media Sport-TV

Sports media homepage Sport-TV

Lyon’s digital landerno will make noise: the young Lyon publishing house Navymedia offers sports media Sport TV is the leading online media for TV broadcasts/streaming of sports matches and events. You are waiting for technical problems, choice of management, commercial tasks. Gradually the Navymedia bird builds a nest.

As is often the case, it is a matter of meeting. Franck Loisel is fond of sports. For over 15 years, he has published nearly 100% of televised/streamed sports on his website. Yvan Romier is the president of Navymedia, a website publishing and natural linking company. To its credit, fifteen sites specializing in the sectors of business, technology, scenery, finance … and now sports.

When technology sets the boundaries of passion

When you start your project, even if you are waiting, you are formatting your answers according to the current questions. If this is true for any entrepreneurial project, then it is even more so for the Internet, where the choice of technology, rather than one, can lead to the success or failure of the project as a whole. When success comes at a rendezvous, development is driven by thresholds that are sometimes difficult to cross.

Launched online in April 2006 by Sebastian Duran, Sport TV was then one of the first media sites in the sports world. He offered daily all meetings on television. Led by Frank Loizel and after 16 years with the blogging platform, Sport TV is reinventing itself with Navymedia. Finally, get free rein and fully embrace your independence.

Acquisition by merger?

Admittedly entering the Navymedia fold, this acquisition (for an undisclosed amount) will allow Sport TV to grow. Starting with a new dynamic graphical environment, as well as easier navigation between channels and different sports disciplines.

The strength of Sport TV lies in its ability to offer rich and quality content (calendars are updated daily). Thus, allowing the Internet user to receive key information about various sporting events. Working closely with various broadcasters allows access to television rights, press releases, highlights, audiences and various media information. In addition, the site offers a selection of articles about daily meetings. Thus, 15 to 20 articles each day and 30 to 50 on weekends, that is, more than a hundred each week, are published by an editorial team of four.

For Yvan Romier, founder and president of Navymedia:This acquisition is aimed at developing the audience of a symbolic site in the theme of sports and media. The mission is to continue to write rich content for sports programming. To help Internet users follow the entire sports offer on all media (TV, smartphone, tablet, etc.). De finally forge new key partnerships with all advertisers in the sector.

The tasks of the sports media Sport-TV for the upcoming season

Franck Loisel will remain in charge and in charge of the Sport-TV editorial line. Thanks to this new collaboration, projects are being implemented, in particular with

  • mobile application on iOS and Android in the future;
  • new dynamic version of TV programs by channels, sports, competitions and teams and search;
  • affiliation development, display and production of sponsored content;
  • new partnerships in new disciplines

Result in numbers of the first meetings

  • 15 years of experience in this field (commissioned in 2006);
  • 1 successful migration at the end of January 2022;
  • 450,000 visits and 600,000 page views per month at the end of February, up from 320,000 visits as of December 31, 2021
  • Over 25 sports for 90 championships/competitions on 77 TV channels

With an initial improvement in its audience, the site set itself the goal of reaching a new milestone (1 million unique visitors in 6 months) in order to offer Internet users an even richer and more complete sports information that best meets their expectations.