Nearly $134,000 for two sports and recreation infrastructure improvement projects.

The MNA for Drummond-Bois-Francs and Sebastian Schneeberger, Deputy Head of the House of Government, today, on behalf of the Minister of Education and the Minister for the Status of Women, Isabelle Charet, presented projects selected during the Drummond-Bois-Francs tour after a competition for projects under the new Small-Scale Sports Support Programme. entertainment infrastructure (PSISRPE). With $133,345.45 in financial assistance, the two projects will allow the residents of Saint Samuel and Ham Nord to relocate.

PSISRPE aims to support the availability of sports and recreational infrastructure in good condition in municipalities with a population of less than 10,000 people in Quebec and increase access to them by the population.

The Quebec government is investing a total of $20 million to support 250 projects in the territory’s smaller communities. As a sign of the program’s popularity, the starting bid has been doubled with a $10 million bonus, allowing more Quebecers to enjoy safe and modern sports and entertainment facilities.

Here is a list of projects selected at the Drummond-Bois-Francs races:

Municipality of Saint-Samuel

Development of a water game.


Municipality of Ham Nord

Tennis court restoration


District total:


“Our amusement park, which already offers many attractions for active people, will very soon offer many modern amenities so that we can move on. I am convinced that these new infrastructures will significantly improve the quality of life of the people living in these small municipalities. New concrete evidence of our government’s commitment to the regions,” says Sebastian Schneeberger, MNA for Drummond-Bois-Francs and deputy head of the House of Government.

“The popularity of this new program testifies to this: Quebecers want to be active more than ever. This $20 million investment will create quality infrastructure. Citizens of all ages, especially families, will have more opportunities to move around. I especially want to thank the small municipalities and organizations that submitted projects. With these new infrastructures, you give yourself the means to meet the needs of your population while increasing the dynamism of your municipality. Everyone wins,” added Isabelle Charest, Minister of Education and Minister for the Status of Women.

“On behalf of the citizens of the municipality of Saint-Samuel and the members of the municipal council, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to take advantage of the $100,000 grant offered under the new Small Infrastructure Support Program. This grant will create a water feature that is accessible to all members of the community, making the summer more enjoyable for everyone. This recreational facility will be created next to a school, a kindergarten and a summer day camp and will significantly increase the dynamism as well as the quality of life of Samuelois and Samuelois, especially the families that represent the part of the population to which we belong. extremely attentive. We are very proud to be able to offer our community this new service that will meet the needs of many and will undoubtedly improve family and friendship gatherings, as well as between different members of our municipality,” said Martin Turigny, mayor of the municipality. Municipality of Saint-Samuel

“Wishing to maintain our achievements, it is important for us to make every effort to keep our infrastructure up to date. This financial assistance is greatly appreciated and we are very grateful. We are extremely proud of everything that is done at home, and this motivates us to continue in the same direction, so that in Ham-Nord the vitality is still and always our pride. » concludes François Marcotte, mayor of the municipality of the canton of Ham Nord