NOC Elected General Assembly: Group of Presidents takes note of new dates

The Reinventing Ivorian Olympism Collective welcomed the press release from the outgoing office of the National Olympic Committee (NOC-Côte d’Ivoire), which is setting the date for the elected general assembly. In a widely circulated interview a few days ago, his press secretary, François Xavier Akonde, formally advised the outgoing executive committee to avoid possible turmoil by ending the legal and institutional vacuum by calling an elected general assembly. What General Palenfo did not fail to do.

On March 16, the latter set the date for the elective general meeting to be held on April 30.

The Collective, through its representative François Xavier Aconde, says it has taken note of this and encourages General Palenfo to continue on this path of wisdom. “Of course, I welcome it. This press release comes at the right time because we have long been concerned about the silence of President Palenfo,” said Mr. Akonde, who is also President of the Ivory Coast Modern Pentathlon Federation.

However, according to a spokesperson for the collective, “If we stick to the texts, then the National Olympic Committee of Côte d’Ivoire is currently in a legal and institutional vacuum. Since the general meeting was to be held on March 17th. But the collective, which brings together 19 presidents of the federations, all senior officials of public and private administration, remains in the logic of intelligent participation and wisdom in ensuring the smooth operation of Ivorian sport,” he explained. Before pointing out that the keynote “The Invention of Ivorian Olympism” is still of general interest.

That is why, he says, this group intends to come out of “the fetishism of legal and institutional secrets” to accompany President Palenfo to offer themselves an honorable exit “in order for our National Olympic Committee to succeed.” This tells you that we are ready to take part in this elected general meeting,” continues François Xavier Aconde, adding, however, that the outgoing NOC General President must return to them the respect and attention they give him. In particular, by inviting them “from the date of publication of the press release, at the latest in two weeks, that is, on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, to a meeting to present the electoral process. »

Because there is work to be done between the announcement of elections and the key milestones needed to ensure the credibility of those elections. “In any case, we are sure that General Palenfo, with his great experience in managing public affairs and sports, is fully aware of what needs to be done before going to this elected general assembly. »

On behalf of the collective, Mr. Akonde hopes that before going to the polls, the selection conditions will be well established and agreed upon. The same applies to the conditions for inclusion in the voter list; all this should be explained and accepted by all.

The team hopes, first of all, that the dates for submission and consideration of applications, as well as the method of voting, are known to all. It is clear that they want a month before the election, so that each party clearly knows what to expect.

“We do not think that General Palenfo will retreat. He said that he had submitted the statutes of the NOC Côte d’Ivoire to the International Olympic Committee for approval. Therefore, it is clear to us that if he convenes a general assembly on the basis of the 2002 charter, then this is the orientation of the International Committee. We are more convinced of this, since its press release for the convening of the general assembly mentions that he “in consultation with the International Olympic Committee, informs the Olympic sports federations about the implementation of the Epoch on April 30, 2022,” concluded the spokesman, waiting for the departing the office will call a meeting to approve the Electoral College based on the 2002 bylaws.