Orillacuaz Rita De Masi goes to conquer the Amazon raids

58-year-old Rita De Masi, who has three adult children and five grandchildren, is full of energy and fighting temperament. But also a particularly tight schedule at the moment. This Orillacuaz has set herself the task of taking part in an Amazon raid.

end of March in Sri Lanka. It’s good, the 100% Women’s Sports and Solidarity Competition is celebrating its 20th anniversary and promising big surprises for over 400 candidates running in the elections. Including only one Kantalien: Rita.

A wide range of sports disciplines to master
The candidate trains on a mountain bike at the Cantal Club.

“I’ve always been attracted to these raids, I love the concept of sharing sports challenges in the morning and human adventures with the local population in the afternoon, which is why I started,” smiles Rita between two workouts. An administrative and operational assistant at Lallemand in Saint-Simon, she took the plunge in basketball in 2018. “I said to myself, ‘Now or never. But I had a knee injury and I couldn’t leave. »

A challenge to be accepted and a human adventure

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So, in 2019, she is re-enrolled. But the health crisis postpones his project, but not the desire to go there.

“In October 2021, I met Herminie Lebrun, a 40-year-old girl from Toulouse, and since then, each of us has been training on our own before the big start. We ran together at the end of November in Toulouse for the Race of Lights for the benefit of the fight against cancer. »
Herminie Lebrun from Toulouse and Rita De Masy from Aurillac form the “Queen’s Mom” ​​pair to follow them to the Raid Amazones at the end of March.

The group name of the two tourists is “The Queen’s Moms” because they are both mothers. In the blink of an eye, the signature drawing came up with the daughter of Rita, an illustrator at Allier. “I especially want to prove to myself that I can take on such a sporting and solidarity challenge, go all the way and that my children are proud of me too. »

There is a good stress that rises gradually. I can’t wait to be there and discover other teams, events and Sri Lanka. I think this is the adventure of a lifetime.

A jack-of-all-trades who never gives up, Rita De Masi has already trained in judo, gymnastics, dance, Viet Wo Dao, but she had to limit herself to new disciplines for this Amazon raid that promises beautiful canoeing, archery, running, mountains . a ride on the bicycle…

Corresien runs for Sri Lanka

Intensive training over many months

In the program of his trip from March 27 to April 6 in Sri Lanka: a trail of more than 15 and 10 km, 40 km of mountain biking, 17 km of canoeing and 19 km of running and cycling. Not to mention archery, treasure hunting and little surprises invented by the organizers.
At the target, with the ASPTT archers of Aurillac, for the final initiation.

So, after work and weekends, Rita has been living in a sports mode for several months. Outdoors, all weather and indoors for muscle building and cardio. “In June I joined the Arpajon running club and trainer Corinne Tasha who follows me. I run with them Wednesday night and Sunday morning. This summer I went to Asv’Ault to discover canoeing. I then registered with the ASPTT archers of Aurillac, who introduced me to archery. And recently I’ve been training with Cantal VTT Evolution and David Brassack once a week. So I put my personal life a little aside, I’m fully prepared … When I return, I think I will continue these sports, but maybe not so intensively,” she says in a fit of laughter.

Last Wednesday she received her bag, t-shirts and all materials with Raid Amazones print. It is enough to raise the pressure one step higher. “Of course there is a lot of stress, but I can’t wait to leave. I can’t wait to climb the mythical Lion Rock and discover this country where I have never been, its culture, its landscapes and of course other participants. I’m not going there to climb the podium, but to cross the finish line every day and live my adventure.”
The Raid Amazones, an adventure of solidarity

around self transcendence

Raid Amazones, founded in 2001, is the first 100% female raid available to women of all ages and athletic levels. For the twentieth anniversary, the Raid takes place in two stages: from 13 to 23 March and from 27 March to 6 April in Sri Lanka. Rita De Masi came in second. In teams, adventurers will challenge each other in sports disciplines in the morning, and in the afternoon they will go to get acquainted with the local population. The Raid also does charity work. Events can be followed live, in looks and feel, on raidamazones.com.

Magali Rosh