Presidential Election 2022: What are the proposals of the 12 candidates for culture and video games?

news culture Presidential Election 2022: What are the proposals of the 12 candidates for culture and video games?

The first round of presidential elections in France is approaching. On Sunday, April 10, 2022, citizens registered on the electoral rolls are invited to the polls to choose (or not) a candidate from among the 12 political figures officially running for the next President or the next President of France. republic. . When faced with topics related to security, education, health or the economy, culture often seems to be ignored. The SP editorial team analyzed the various programs to better understand the vision of the various candidates for everything related to culture in France and, more broadly, to video games.

Presidential Election 2022: What are the proposals of the 12 candidates for culture and video games?


  • Natalie Artaud (Workers’ Struggle – LO)
  • Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Defend France)
  • Ann Hidalgo (Socialist Party – PS)
  • Yannick Jadot (Europe Ecology The Greens – EELV)
  • Jean Lassalle (Resistance)
  • Marine Le Pen (National Rally – RN)
  • Emmanuel Macron (Republic in Motion – LREM)
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Rebel France – LFI)
  • Valerie Pekress (Republicans – LR)
  • Philippe Putou (New Anti-Capitalist Party – NPA)
  • Fabien Roussel (Communist Party of France – PCF)
  • Eric Zemmour (Reconquest)

Natalie Artaud (Workers’ Struggle – LO)

  • No offers known to date

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Defend France)

  • Allocate 1% of the national budget for culture
  • Establish a large ministry of culture covering heritage, tourism, performing arts, arts, literature, film and communications.
  • Create a universal media library to which every citizen will have access: books, films, performances, songs, etc.
  • Putting access to culture for all back at the heart of policy
  • Offer a “cultural discovery ticket” for a year to all French people aged 16 and over.
  • Open museums for free on Sundays for the French
  • Strengthen French cultural exclusion in the face of foreign fiction
  • Rediscover cultural ambitions and break free from Anglo-Saxon influence
  • Follow intermittent mode
  • Repeal Hadopy’s Law
  • Ensuring fair remuneration of authors through a global license mechanism
  • Launch a historical fiction production program
  • Consider video game creation as an art in its own right with a dedicated delegation.

Ann Hidalgo (Socialist Party – PS)

  • The return of culture to the basis of the republican project
  • Reserve 10% of programming and budget for new establishment for institutions benefiting from public money.
  • Development of art libraries and media libraries for the plastic arts
  • Guarantee of freedom of creation and distribution
  • Ensuring the independence of artists’ rights
  • Act for diversity while standardizing content
  • Guarantee fair remuneration for authors, artists, performers, writers, etc.
  • Strengthening Public Broadcasting

Yannick Jadot (Europe Ecology The Greens – EELV)

  • Allocate 1% of the state budget to culture
  • Ensuring access to culture for the most disadvantaged
  • Guarantee the free movement of works and artists
  • Ensuring parity in the field of culture
  • Develop Intermittent Mode
  • Create author status
  • Support for independent audiovisual production
  • Oversee the takeover of GAFAM manufacturing companies
  • Robust integration of SVOD platforms into media chronology
  • Force SVOD platforms to transparently report their audience
  • Develop an alternative to recommender algorithms on cultural platforms

Jean Lassalle (Resistance)

  • Direct public funding of culture, the media for independent creativity, and not for the activities of large groups

Marine Le Pen (National Rally – RN)

  • Uninstall Hadopi and open the global license site
  • Privatize public broadcasting
  • Cancel audiovisual license fees

Emmanuel Macron (Republic in Motion – LREM)

  • Renew your cultural pass
  • Libraries open evenings and weekends
  • Protect the French cultural exception
  • Protection of copyright and related rights
  • Creation of the European Metaverses
  • Offer virtual reality experiences in our museums, our heritage and new creations.
  • Cancel audiovisual license fee
  • Guarantee the independence of public broadcasting
  • Adapt cinematic and audiovisual support to new formats (SVOD, media timeline, etc.)

Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Rebel France – LFI)

  • Restore an ambitious public cultural service
  • Increase up to 1% of GDP in the state budget allocated to art, culture and creativity
  • Build a free online public media library by bringing together public domain works and recent work offerings.
  • Establish a National Center for Artist-Authors
  • Lower cultural prices in both public and private offerings (cinemas, concert halls, etc.)
  • Improved spectacle break mode
  • Guarantee of the right to minimum free access to the Internet
  • Guarantee the independence, transparency and democratic governance of National Book, Music and Film Centres.
  • Enact “antitrust” laws in the cultural fields (film, audiovisual, books, video games, performing arts, music, etc.)
  • Establish a National Video Game Center along the lines of the National Film Center (CNC).
  • Recognize video games as art and make sure that they benefit society: arts and culture education, heritage extension and sharing, learning (particularly writing), amateur and professional practice, etc.
  • The development of public schools of video games and the sector of digital creativity in vocational education
  • Reaffirm the principle of cultural sovereignty of French cinema, protect its values ​​of independence and diversity.
  • Overhaul of the assistance system of the National Cinema Center (CKN)
  • Oblige online broadcasting (streaming) platforms to publish their algorithms
  • Rebalance broadcaster contracts to better compensate music and film makers, especially on streaming and webtoon platforms.

Valerie Pekress (Republicans – LR)

  • Pursue a policy of “cultural democratization”.
  • Cancel audiovisual license fees
  • Simplify movie help to be more efficient
  • Support the creation of an industrial sector of film studios following the British model.

Philippe Putou (New Anti-Capitalist Party – NPA)

  • Develop a real public service of information and culture
  • Guarantee of freedom of creation and distribution
  • Provide remuneration at least equal to the minimum wage for entertainment workers.
  • Disband Arcom (a merger of Hadopi CSA) and create a democratic organization that brings together journalists, media professionals and users.

Fabien Roussel (Communist Party of France – PCF)

  • Increase the cultural budget of the state to 1% of GDP
  • Create a large ministry of culture, public education and media
  • Create youth centers for associative, sports and cultural meetings
  • Organize common cultural states, interdisciplinary and decentralized
  • Protect and strengthen creative freedom
  • Defense of French art against North American creations
  • Support representatives of art and culture
  • Maintain the status of intermittent performances
  • Establish an authentic law that better protects the social rights of authors-artists.

Eric Zemmour (Reconquest)

  • Investing 2 billion euros in “preservation of heritage”
  • Remove the Ministry of Culture and replace it with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.
  • Privatize public broadcasting
  • Cancel audiovisual license fee
  • Refocus public broadcasting on culture
  • Direct the bulk of the subsidies given to cinema by the CNC (National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image) towards cinematographic products that promote and disseminate French and European culture.

The first round of the 2022 presidential election will take place on April 10.

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