PSG, Bayern, women, extra-sports… Rahme confesses!

This Wednesday, the women’s section of PSG will host Bayern Munich in the second leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. After the convincing success achieved in Bayern (1-2), Rouge & Bleu will want to confirm their qualification at the Parc des Princes, which will break records. Indeed, the Paris Corps will receive almost 25,000 men for this poster, which is a first for women from Paris Saint Germain. Just over 24 hours after this meeting, fan channel met with the general director of the section, Ulrich Rame. In one of the halls of the Porte de Saint-Cloud stadium, the Parisian manager shared with our microphone his ambitions for the end of the season and his joy to see the Rouge & Bleu team compete in all competitions. The latter has also returned to the extra-sporting issues that have plagued the PSG dressing rooms in recent months. The first part of this interview was conducted by Jonathan Bensadoun and transcribed in collaboration with Guillaume de Freitas.

Reception of Bayern Munich:

“Playing on Wednesday is important for a number of reasons. Behind the quarterfinals – a whole tangle of matches and possible dynamics. This match on Wednesday is very contextually important as it is played in the Parc des Princes in front of 25,000 people. All this will be there. We are in this working order. It also fits in with some of the goals we set at the start of the season. We are at this last bend, I won’t say in a straight line, because the road is still long and you can’t be sure of anything. »

25,000 people are expected at the Parc des Princes, representing an attendance record: is the club proud?

“This is a matter of pride for the club, for the women’s section. It will be great. This is a very good exhibition, especially after the post-COVID period. The opportunity to play at the Parc des Princes will be a real highlight. This strong moment should turn into a qualification! »

Goals for the start of the season

“I think it was pretty clear. Take advantage of this title of champion of France, whether at the national or European level. The goal was to do the same or even better. Today we are still fighting (in all competitions. Ed.), thanks to the work of the coach, the staff, the professionalism of the group. We must keep this alliance and this professionalism in order to consider the possibility of achieving these goals, which are also a new stage in the evolution of the women’s section, that is, consistently winning titles, which has never happened before. So, we need to go in this direction. »

His opinion on fiscal year 2021/2022satisfactory season?

“We will wait until the end of the season for the final conditions. You must remain focused on what is present. That is, on Wednesday and Sunday (against the Paris FC editor’s note). Then there will be an international break. It is these two coincidences that are significant. The match that we experienced on Saturday (the victory over Fleury in the semi-final of the French Cup, approx. ed.) was important. This week, since the first match against Bayern Munich, there has been a turning point, and these matches are necessary to reach the finish line. »

What is your speech after the non-sporting events that disrupted the women’s section?

“We speak freely about what happened, but if I speak today, it is primarily for sporting reasons. We are on the eve of the capital meeting in the Champions League, we have just reached the final of the French Cup. It is these sporting terms that concern us.
As for the decision that was taken from the very beginning of the crisis that we experienced, it has not changed, we adhere to it week after week. We have taken every possible measure to protect the players and allow the group to be where it is today: competing on all fronts.

The end of the championship and the opportunity to catch up with Lyon

“Before I talked about the reversal with these two matches, I really think that this is a tipping point, because after that the dynamics of the matches will follow. When you know what impact a dynamic can have, you should keep that in mind. Make the necessary efforts to tune in to the finish line on D-Day, which will not take place until early May. You have to focus on two matches and then take everything that happens with all the determination and motivation required, like a real and good professional. »

What is the assessment of the work of Didier Olle-Nicole?

“The work done is very positive, like the assimilation of new players – because there were a lot of them in the off-season, so in the pre-season everything fell into place, and little by little the results were very, very satisfactory, until the truce. Since January, the efficiency has become much higher, so these elements must be taken into account. But the goals for the moment remain in progress, and they must be achieved in order to be able to look at things differently. But again, things are positive, the excitement around the women’s section is positive. Let’s take the arguments as they are and definitely win a title or even titles this season, which will show that the team, the women’s section, learn from their mistakes and that we can systematically win titles all the years. »