Quebec unveils deconfinement schedule | Coronavirus

The plan, presented by Prime Minister Lego, is for five dates in February and March, which should lead to the complete lifting of restrictions placed on restaurants, bars, concert halls, casinos, places of worship, gyms and resorts in the province. a little.

Briefly about the deconfinement schedule:

From 12 February

  • The abolition of the statutory limit on the number of people admitted to gatherings in private houses. However, public health recommends no more than 10 people or a group of up to three different addresses;
  • The maximum number of people that can be at one table in restaurants and eateries expandable to 10 people at a table or group from three different addresses;
  • Removing restrictions on visiting CHSLD and RPA. Two visitors can be in the premises at the same time, but no more than four visitors per day.

From February 14

  • Opening gyms and spas 50% of their capacity and the resumption of adult sports;
  • Hosting parties in team sport from now on will be allowed;
  • Limit outdoor show increases to 5000 people.

From February 21

  • Everything enterprises can open at 100% power;
  • Removal of the established limit of 500 people theaters who, however, will only be able to fill their rooms to 50% of their capacity.

From February 28

  • That tournaments and competitions sports will be able to resume their activities;
  • telework will no longer be mandatory, but only recommended by public health;
  • That temples and theaters can open 100% except Bell Center and Videotron Center;
  • Opening bars and casinos at 50% power, but no dancing or karaoke.
  • That restaurants and bars will have to close at 1 hourand the last service will be offered at midnight.

From March 14

  • Back from dancing and karaoke in bars and casinos.
  • That restaurants, bars and large halls – like the Bell Center – will be able to reopen at 100% of their capacity.

This means that on March 14, most of the sanitary measures will be lifted, so we will return to a more normal life. »

Quote from François Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec
Canadian athletes hold Canadian flags.

“We will have to learn to live with the virus,” Francois Legault said.

The mask and passport were kept everywhere

This deconfinement plan submitted by Quebec does not change any of the measures for personal protection against the virus, such as wearing a mask, disinfection and social distancing. Everything, including the vaccine passport, remains valid until further notice.

What allows us to carry out deconfinement is largely the space in the hospitals that we have created, as well as the fact that we have a vaccine passport and a mask.explained Minister of Health Christian Dube, together with Prime Minister Lego and Acting National Director of Public Health Luc Boileau.

However, Mr Dube did not mention the possibility that the passport requires three doses of the vaccine.

At this time, we do not plan to cancel the wearing of the mask, it remains a very effective measure to reduce infection. […] And we want it to stay that way until at least March 14th. We’ll see later. »

Quote from Luc Boileau, Acting National Director of Public Health of Quebec
Students in masks are sitting at a large table.

The mask and other individual measures will remain in place until at least mid-March, the Lego government assures.

Photo: Radio Canada

Upcoming lifting of health emergency

Regarding the health emergency that the government has been maintaining in Quebec for months, François Legault has announced that his government plans to lift it next March.

Minister Dube is currently working on introducing a bill that will end this state of emergency while maintaining certain measures that are still needed.

Depending on what we do with masks, vaccine passports, nurse allowances… there will be reasons to use emergency medical care, the prime minister explained. We expect to introduce a bill in March that will provide the basis for this need for exceptional rules.

It is not our task to continue the health emergency indefinitely. »

Quote from François Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec

Remember that section 119 of the Public Health Law allows the government to renew a state of emergency without obtaining the consent of the National Assembly. A situation that irritates the opposition and a number of organizations that accuse the government of enjoy health crisis for months to rule by decree and impose more political than medical measures, bypassing existing democratic mechanisms.

Hospitalizations expected to rise

Aware of the possibility of a significant increase in cases and hospitalizations due to deconfinement measures that will last until mid-March at the end of the Omicron wave, Dr. Luc Boileau acknowledged that “there is a lot of uncertainty.

At the moment, our calculations show that growth is a real risk, but this will not induce us to abandon the measures taken.he reasoned.

We estimate that with the lifting of several measures that have already been taken for several weeks and those announced today, we should either have a plateau that should regulate hospitalizations, or there may be an upsurge. But we calculate that the ascent should not be before what we have experiencedadded Quebec’s acting head of public health.

More Predictability

The announcement of this deconfinement schedule has been eagerly anticipated by Quebecers, especially the business, tourism, hospitality, municipal and cultural communities, where there have been calls for weeks for more predictability from the government in its management of the health situation.

At the Patronage Council, we breathed a sigh of relief as soon as the calendar was presented on Tuesday afternoon, and were happy that the government began trust of citizens and employers.

Finally we got the detailed step by step plan we asked for. Shutting down the economy should no longer be the first impulse after two years of a pandemic. »

Quote from Quebec Employers’ Council

The Council also welcomes the announced end of mandatory teleworking from 28 February. Employers will be able to adapt flexibly to the situationwelcomes Quebec Employers’ Council.

In Quebec, the reaction of the opposition ranks was not long in coming, where the leader of the Liberals, Dominique Anglade, expressed regret at the lack of a long-term plan.

The Prime Minister is starting to open his eyes, but we still don’t have a long-term plan. On the next wave, we will still manage on a small scaleMs Anglade wrote on her Twitter account.

At the Québec Solidaire conference, parliamentary party leader Gabriel Naude-Dubois, for his part, expressed regret that the Lego government is announcing to Quebecers that they will now have to live with the virus without giving them tools for this.

N95 et pour relancer le dépistagePCR”,”text”:”Rien n’a été annoncé pour améliorer la ventilation dans les écoles, pour distribuer massivement des masquesN95 et pour relancer le dépistagePCR”}}”>Nothing has been announced about improving ventilation in schools, mass distribution of N95 masks, and restarting PCR screening.he recalled.