Quentin Vlaminck: “All these races are important to prepare for (…)

results Transat Jacques Vabre
Transat Jacques Vabre
In 2021, the trimaran Arkema remained dry for over two months for a major overhaul. With 100 days sailing and over 17,000 nautical miles on the clock, the boat’s structural elements had to be fully tested.

“We completely stripped the boat,” explains Quentin Vlaminck. “This allowed us to check the integrity of the structural elements of the boat. In particular, we fixed a small weakness at the junction of the rod. The cab roof has been modified to make the living area more watertight and to improve our comfort, which however remains very relative! Instead of sleeping on the ground, even on deck, we set up a small bunk, slightly raised on the outside. This will really improve the living conditions on board. »

The most noticeable change to the trimaran concerns its graphics. In November 2021, the Arkema Group confirmed its position as an expert in innovative materials serving a sustainable world with a new visual identity.

“The boat is very elegant in its new colours, with warmer tones and a softer vibe. I can’t wait to see the first sailboat visuals! ” admits Quentin.

Patrice Guyon, new team leaderOcean Fifty
Ocean Fifty

In recent years, Lalou Roucayrol’s Lalou Multi stable, based in Verdon-sur-Mer, has developed significantly: construction of a shipyard, expansion of construction work, maintenance of racing boats… All this dynamism actually implies a new structure. For the company. Thus, Patrice Guyon was recruited as team leader of the competition department of Lalou Multi and, in particular, supports the Arkema project.

New to the world of offshore racing, Patrice Guillon had a rather atypical career. After spending his youth in Normandy, where he discovered the maritime world between Granville and Chausy, after school he turned to the army, or rather to the fighting regiments. It combines 1as well as Infantry Parachute Regiment nautical
in 1989, Bayonne.

“This is not a classic regiment, because it is an elite unit belonging to the special forces. Thus, I have been active for 25 years between the Balkans, Afghanistan, Africa and the Middle East. I also spent time in the Indian Ocean where I participated in the Kerguelens Fisheries Police Mission. I was then an instructor in several specialties, including counter-terrorism, hostage rescue (CTLO), and high-level personal protection. »

It was in 2014 that Patrice decided to leave the army. Since then, he has accumulated a lot of experience, whether in public or in private.

He discovers the world of offshore racing in 2021, on the occasion of Solitaire Figaro
Solitaire Figaro

“After a few months in the industry, I met a lot of people and opened up a lot of jobs in offshore racing. It’s from Transat Jacques Vabre
Transat Jacques Vabre
that I felt a desire to integrate into this environment, the parallels and values ​​of which are very close to my past experience. I approached Lal Rucairol at the end of 2021 for this Team Leader position and started my mission 1as well as February 2022″.

Responsible for managing andorganization
sports teamOcean Fifty
Ocean Fifty

“I have to act as a conductor so that the team works, humanly and technically, with a common goal of achieving the set goals. I have always lived in a world of performance, excellence, team spirit and self-excellence. These are the values ​​I find in sailing and especially in this team! I am delighted with this news adventure

and hopes to give Quentin what he needs to achieve his goal.”

Rich and varied program

The Arkema Ocean Fifty, restarted on Tuesday March 22, is expected from April 8 at the start line of the 1000 mile race from Les Sables to Les Sables d’Olonne. evidence is open to class40
and Ocean Fifty as well as a qualifier Rum route
Rum route
she will take the skippers off Cape Finisterre (Spain), then to Ireland to Fastnet before returning to Les Sables d’Olonne.

“This will be my first solo race in the Ocean Fifty,” explains Quentin. “There is a mixture of desire and fear, because before the start I didn’t have a lot of solo training. Participation in it is very important, because it clearly fits into my solo training strategy. We will then sail as a crew on the Pro Sailing Tour and I will also participate in the Drheam Cup solo tour. All these races are important to prepare as much as possible for Rum route
Rum route
month of November! »

Program for the season 2022:

  • April 8: 1000 Miles of Sands (solo)
  • May-June-July: professional sailing tour
  • July 17: DRHEAM Cup (solo)
  • November 6: Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe.