rent your holiday home on Sportihome!

Rent out your holiday home to a private individual who shares your passion for sports or is looking for accommodation in a convenient location for sports? This is possible thanks to Sportihome, the referral platform for the rental of sports facilities!

Vacation rentals between individuals offer many benefits. From the tenant’s point of view, it is a practical and flexible alternative to hotels with often attractive value for money. On the owner’s side, renting a holiday home is a good way to earn extra income, as well as meet new people who want to discover the attractions of his territory. No wonder the number of platforms for booking vacation rentals is on the rise!

One of them especially caught our attention. This is a three-color startup called Sportihome. Bringing together hosts and travelers who share the same sports passions, youth photography focuses on sharing and sharing around common values. In this way, it distinguishes itself from universal platforms with its unique, innovative and resolutely human proposition for a successful sports holiday.

Are you an owner? That’s why you’ll love renting a holiday home on the Sportihome platform!

A unique concept focused on experience and exchange

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Photo credit: Sportihome

Founded in 2017 in Montpellier by Frédéric Diao and Sylvain Morel, two outdoor sports enthusiasts, Sportihome is a booking platform for seasonal rentals between people who share a passion for sports. Specifically, the platform allows guests to rent out their property to travelers looking for places to practice their favorite sport: hiking, surfing, mountain biking, road biking, kayaking, skiing… The activities on offer are very diverse!

Whether it’s a chalet, villa, guest house or apartment, all online properties at Sportihome are located close to the training grounds. Guests can also rent their own sports equipment for an optimal experience.

With this innovative approach to rentals based on sports affection, Sportihome offers a new way to travel that is clearly in line with the times. Today, the platform brings together a community of 2 million unique visitors in search of new experiences that combine change of scenery, sports and relaxation!

Sportihome in numbers :

  • 60 mentioned sports
  • 10,000 seasonal rentals distributed in the most beautiful regions of France as well as abroad
  • 3000 new places to practice your favorite sport
  • 20 000 sports activities of your choice
  • 4 Languages: French, English, Spanish, German

Stay, share, play

As an owner, you must choose how you want to live in Sportihome with the travelers you host. Thus, the platform offers 3 exchange formulas thanks to its unique concept: Stay Share Play.

  • Stay : by choosing this formula, you simply offer your accommodation located next to the sports ground for rent among the activities offered by the platform
  • Share : In addition to renting accommodation, you share your travel tips and expand your experience as a local medical practitioner.
  • Play : You decide to go even further by sharing one or more sports with your travelers.

Obviously, Sportihome offers you the opportunity to experience a unique and friendly experience with your travelers based on your mutual desires! And to get an idea of ​​what the Stay Share Play experience with Sportihome looks like, head to Brittany to start surfing with Fred, host of Sportihome for 5 years:

Safe and 100% secure platform

By allowing hosts to host sports enthusiasts, Sportihome brings a breath of fresh air to the holiday rental market. But not only that, the sports holiday rental platform is a 100% made in France nugget that attracts a clientele of owners attracted by a community of trusted travelers, its reliable and secure nature.

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Photo credit: Sportihome

Specifically, Sportihome is:

  • local, qualified and attentive customer servicelocated in sunny Montpellier. Available 24/7, users find it excellent on the Trustpilot review site. Sportihome also ranks first in the Vacation Rentals category!
  • simple, free and hassle-free registration : as a host, you can register on the platform for free and publish your ads in a few clicks. Online payment is made through Stripe, the world leader in payments. In terms of rental insurance, Sportihome has taken advantage of AXA France, which covers up to 1.5 million euros as a guarantee.
  • support of recognized institutions and selected investors : Sportihome recently raised 2 million euros and capitalized its first investment fund, Accurafy 4, an expert in digital scaling. Several national banking institutions are also supporting the launch, such as Caisse des Dépôts Banque des Territoires, the Occitanie region and Bpi France.

    Finally, former champion windsurfer and broadcaster Natalie Simon is also one of the investors who took part in this round. Even better: the latter has even become a Sportihome Ambassador and offers his accommodation for rent on the platform! So if even Natalie Simon did it, why not you? Find out why she chose Sportihome to rent her home in her video interview!

Exclusive discounts and bonuses

Do you want to combine your holiday rental with a good plan? Sportihome is definitely a platform that will seduce you! As seen above, registration is 100% free. Sportihome takes only a commission of 5% excluding VAT on every booking: it is clearly one of the lowest rates sites on the market.

But the platform doesn’t stop there: as a host who wants to advertise their accommodation to millions of athletes, you can enjoy exclusive benefits with all Sportihome sports partners.

Thus, by renting housing on the platform, you get the following benefits:

  • 10% shipping discount included on more than 100 types of sports equipment in the Sportihome Decathlon store. Ideal if you want to equip your holiday with sports equipment and increase your bookings! Kayaks, trampolines, bicycles, surfboards, snowshoes, etc.
  • increased visibility with several million licensed athletes. Indeed, Sportihome is the official accommodation partner of several French sports federations (hiking, hang gliding, fishing, water skiing, etc.).
  • relay your advertising with a network of partners specialized in holiday rentals, sports and outdoor activities.

sports house team
Obviously, Sportihome goes above and beyond to help you increase your holiday rental bookings with a highly qualified, sporty and adventurous clientele. What’s more, the platform even offers you the opportunity to exchange with your future tenants before accepting a booking.

Oh yes, and we almost forgot: Sportihome offers owners who want professional photography to maximize their rental value. So what are you waiting for to become a host? Registration on the Sportihome website.