SCHOOL EXAMS AND COMPETITIONS SESSION 2022: Mobilizing over 23 billion CFA francs

The Ministry of National Education, Literacy and Development of National Languages ​​(MENAPLN), through the General Directorate of Examinations and Competitions, held a press conference on the status of preparations for the 2022 examinations and competitions session on Friday, April 22. 2022 in Ouagadougou. This year, exams will begin on June 2 and end on July 7, 2022. The amount allocated for these examinations and competitions this year is 23,046,404,874 CFA francs.

23,046,404,874 CFA francs is the amount allocated for the organization of the 2022 exams and competitions in Burkina Faso. This became known during a press conference organized by the General Directorate of Examinations and Competitions on April 22. According to the Director General of Examinations and Competitions, Dr. Prosper Bambara, the written tests for the examinations and competitions of the 2022 session will start on June 2, 2022 with the issuance of a bachelor’s certificate and end on July 7, 2022 with a bachelor’s degree (grants a bachelor’s degree). calendar in the box). In accordance with Order No. 2022-022/MANAPLN/MSJE, which establishes the schedule of exams and competitions for 2022, tests in physical culture and sports precede written tests in general education and secondary schools. At the post-primary level, athletic trials begin on May 5 and continue through May 18, 2022. As for the bachelor’s degree exam, the athletic trials begin on May 23, 2022. The Director General of Examinations and Competitions also suggested that, for the time being, a decision should not yet be made on whether to hold special sessions in connection with this session. “So far we cannot answer in the affirmative whether there will be special meetings,” he said.

Preparation for exams and competitions is satisfactory

According to Prosper Bambara, registration was theoretically closed from January 31st for CEP, BEPC, BEP and CAP and from March 10th for Bac. But in terms of security, there have been many moves and changes in the location of some of the candidates. “In general, there is a general decrease in acceptance, which applies to all exams, except for the VEP and CAP, and in almost all regions,” he said. Indeed, 429,331 people are registered with the CEP this year compared to 450,503 in 2021, which is 0.47% less. On BEPC, the drop is more significant, it is 11.5%. In fact, there are 267,354 people registered against 302,072 people registered in 2021. There are 19,260 people registered for BEP and CAP compared to 18,403 people in 2021, up +4.66%. On Bac, the number of registered users is 142,483 compared to 154,784 in 2021, down 7.94%. This year there are some innovations in the organization of exams and olympiads. This implies the creation of a new sector in BEP, in particular in the electricity and solar installation (ESIA). There are two new streams in the professional baccalaureate. We are talking about wood crafts and cooking. According to the Director General for Exams and Olympiads, “the innovations announced in March 2021 have been taken into account: all sectors have the right to replace tests, evacuation during training, a single subject in SVP and the history of geography.” If the preparation for the exams and competitions of the 2022 session is going well for the hosts of the press conference, then they still cause certain difficulties. These include, among others, difficulties in stabilizing staff and examination centers in some regions due to the security situation, as well as difficulties in acquiring goods and services. Prosper Bambara points to the training of instructors in the new features of the Bac software as well as the training of new Jury Presidents in the software for conducting various examinations as prospects.

Rahamatu SANON

Written test schedule

BEPC: from 02 to 15 June

BEP: from 02 to 13 June

CAPs: from 02 to 12 June

CEP: from 07 to 09 June

Undergraduate: from June 21 to July 7.

The 23,046,404,874 CFA francs allocated for the 2022 exams and competitions are distributed as follows:

CEP: 7,460,542,000 CFA francs

BEPC, BEP, CAP: 7,885,862,874 CFA francs.

Undergraduate: 7,700,000 CFA francs