Sport and Covid: mask to the gym, to school, pass, protocol

The rules for the sport have been relaxed. Where do I need a vaccination pass? Wear a mask? In the gym? What are the new measures at the school? In club? For extracurricular activities? For minors? Where are the gauges? Know everything.

[Mis à jour le 3 mars 2022 à 10h54] From February 28, 2022, new sanitary measures have been introduced for sports. Skipping vaccinations, wearing a mask, a blood pressure gauge, protocol in the gym, at school… Here are the rules as of today, published by the Ministry of Sports.

What is the protocol at the gym?

Skipped vaccination required for at the entrance to the gyms for persons over 16 years of age. As of February 28, 2022, wearing a mask is no longer mandatory in places that require skipping vaccinations, so it makes sense thatThe mask is no longer mandatory in gyms. Have a vaccination sheet. The person responsible for the institution or the organizer of the activity shall appoint persons authorized to supervise the progress of vaccination. These may be the people who usually control access.

Is it mandatory to wear a mask when playing sports?

As of February 28, 2022, wearing a mask is no longer mandatory in places subject to vaccination. The mask is stored in places that are not subject to vaccination. Therefore, wearing a mask is not mandatory in gyms or clubs. It is also optional in outdoor sports fields.

Is a vaccination card required to play sports?

A vaccination pass is required for those aged 16 years and over, and a medical pass is required for young people aged 12 to 15 years (inclusive) in closed places such as:

ERP PA: Establishment open to the public (stadium, tennis court, soccer field, outdoor pools, running tracks, etc.)

ERP X: Indoor and indoor sports facility, sports hall, multi-purpose sports hall, skating rink, carousel, indoor, convertible or mixed pool, multi-purpose sports hall less than 1200 m² or with a ceiling height of more than 6.50 m.

Persons over 16 years of age (including top-level athletes and professional athletes) Mandatory vaccination pass to access ERP X and PA, except for activities not subject to declaration or prefectural authorization organized in a public place.
Minors from 12 to 15 years old (inclusive) Mandatory medical pass to access ERP X and PA, except for activities not subject to declaration or prefectural authorization organized in public places.
Minors under 12 Sanitary passport is not presented
Volunteers from 16 years old Obligation to present a vaccination sheet

What is the protocol for sports at school?

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of National Education on February 11, 2022.electronic health record moves from level 3 to level 2 in the first degree (primary + primary) throughout the agglomeration upon return from winter holidays in each zone (February 21, 2022 for Area B, February 28, 2022 for Area A, and March 7, 2022 for Area C). The Level 2 protocol has already been applied in middle and high school. The Level 2 health protocol includes:

  • That ending the obligation to wear a mask outdoors for students and staff of elementary schools;
  • Opportunity to exercise and sport indoors again without a mask (relative to distance: Therefore, contact sports without a mask are prohibited)

Where else are the sensors?

From February 2, 2022 no more sensors in establishments open to the seated public (stadiums, concert halls, theaters, etc.) for practitioners and spectators.

What are the rules for children?

The presentation of the medical passport has become compulsory from 12 years old, September 30, 2021, for access to sports equipment, for train in the club and in competitions. Not mandatory for school sports (EPS lessons, gyms, swimming pools, etc.) as schools do not require a health certificate. Young people who turn 12 during the year have 2 months to show their medical passport so they have time to complete their vaccination schedule. That PCR and antigen tests remain free for minors.

What are the pool rules?

From June 9, 2021 the pools are open. Access to them is possible with a medical card for persons over 12 years old. On the territory of the collective locker rooms are open and there is no maximum gauge.

Can we exercise after the Covid vaccine?

Like all vaccines, Covid vaccines are associated with risk of side effects after injection and require some precautions. For example, you need take into account the fatigue that may occur after an injection (core vaccine or booster dose). And avoid very intense sports on the day of the vaccination.


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