Sports news from January to June

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Beauceron and Beauceron excel in many sports around the planet. Whether it’s winter or summer sports, in Europe or America, a lot of people are talking about them.

Today, invites you to dive into the important steps of those from here who have followed their passion this year.


The Beauceron Epic was reprinted in 600 copies.
(Video interview) Book reissue Epic of Beauceron, which focuses on the history of the Beauce Hockey League, has allowed about 600 new copies of the book to be released to the market at the end of January 2021.

Anthony Auclair would like his parents to be at the Super Bowl game.
Beauceron Anthony Auclair would like his parents, Marie-André Quirion and Julien Auclair, to attend Super Bowl 55 on February 7 in Tampa Bay.


Football: a family affair with the Auclairs
After a long week of very grueling media inquiries and incredible “The mother of Anthony Auclair, this Beauceron who took part in the 55th Super Bowl game, agreed to take me on Friday for a brief interview.

Looking back on Super Bowl history
On the occasion of Super Bowl LV held Feb. 7 in Tampa Bay, Florida, where the Tampa Bay Pirates faced last year’s championship team, the Kansas City Chiefs, we explain the origins of this event.

Driver Rafael Lessard is ready for the 2021 season.
(Video Interview) A start full of new things for Beauceron driver Rafael Lessard: a new team, a new race car, and the new NASCAR Camping World (NCWTS) stock truck season kicked off on Friday, February 12 at the legendary 2.5-Mile Oval at the international Daytona International Speedway in Florida.

Lysanne Richard will dive into the icy water in Bose
(Video interview) A high diver at the Red Bull International Circuit performed a somersault in the icy water of a lake in Bose on March 15.


Lisanne Richard and Yves Milord succeeded in their winter high jump.
(Video) In cold and windy weather, Lisanne Richard and Yves Milord dived from a height into a hole drilled in ice from a 22-meter platform.

Eliot Grondin became world junior snowboard cross champion
Riveran Eliot Gronden continues his great season with a gold medal at the World Junior Snowboard Cross Championships held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Marie-Philippe Poulain: still and always hockey
(Video interview) During a press conference, Beauceville Mayor François Veillet released images that will decorate the EJM/René-Bernard Arena to pay tribute to his beloved child,” best hockey player in the world ”, Marie-Philippe Poulain.


Football: Antoine Guay-Tangue will go to Florida
(Video interview) Antoine Guay-Tanguet, football player and hockey player from the College de Levy, former student of the Jesu-Marie de Beauceville School, will continue his football career in the hot Florida sun.

LPGA climb continues for José Doyon
(Video interview) The St. Georges golfer has taken an important step in her professional career. In May, Beauceronne held his first tournament at the Symetra Circuit.

Iron Man athlete Simon LeBlanc prepares for a possible season
2020 has been a very promising year for Simon LeBlanc’s Ironman. At the end of 2019, he received a professional triathlon license, but like many athletes, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted his plans.

Jeff Kote is ready to drive
Beaucevillois driver Jeff Cote, who competes in the NASCAR Late Model Series in Quebec, says he’s very excited about the idea of ​​resuming competition.

Historic victory for pilot Chloe Gronden
Young Saint-Georges driver Chloe Grondin made racing history with her Nascar Sport Compact Amateur victory yesterday.


Meeting with young pilot Chloe Gronden
Chloe Grondin is a young 14-year-old racing driver who competes in the NASCAR Sport Compact Amateur at the Circuit de Chaudières in Vallee Jonchin.