Spring appears in new colors

“Everything starts in spring,” reads the new signature of the brand, which will be officially presented to the general public on the weekend of March 20, the day the spring begins. This signature is accompanied by new typography, more refined and digitally adapted, as well as a new logo, poetically named “P heart”. The new platform of the Printemps brand is also characterized by a charter with bright green. “We needed to renew ourselves in order to restore our uniqueness.Jean-Marc Bellaiche, Chairman of the Printemps Group explains. For many years we have been too dispersed. This is sedimentation: we have added too many layers, which is why we have lost the original relief..”

31% increase in online sales

A simplification shock followed by a marketing investment shock not seen since 2015 and the establishment’s 150th anniversary. “Since then, there have been attacks, strikes, yellow vests and a pandemic… The fall in traffic hardens investment, we have entered a negative spiral.” A negative spiral that led, among others, to a restructuring plan that resulted in the closure of three stores in 2021. The group currently operates 29 locations in France, including four franchises. It has managed to keep all these Citadium, key brands to target for new generations.

The group, which closes its financial year on March 31, does not report turnover and mentions the difficulties mentioned above to justify the impossibility of comparison with the 1.7 billion euros received for the 2018/2019 financial year, its last full year. However, 2021 has allowed Printemps to restore some colors. While traffic is still down 30% from the 70M customers seen in 2018, sales increased by 38% compared to 2020, but remained 12% lower compared to 2019.. Enough to beat the market, notes Jean-Marc Bellaiche. He attributes these results in part to the dynamism of sales to local customers, whose traffic grew 10% at the group level and 15% at the Printemps Haussmann level. “These figures should be compared with an increase of 2% on average in the market.”, points out Jean-Marc Bellaiche, thereby causing an increase in market share. Local shoppers now account for 75% of sales, up from half before the pandemic.. After shedding its Chinese clientele and part of its Japanese and Korean clientele, Printemps launched a communications campaign targeting US tourists, whose traffic increased by 53%, as well as Middle Eastern and European tourists, with a 23% increase in visitors from these regions.

The second reason behind Printemps relative performance compared to the market is that the digitization of the offering is paying off and now accounts for 11% of the brand’s sales, with digital sales up 31% compared to 2019, while omnichannel turnover increased by +52% : “In particular, we can highlight the work of our personal buyers who use channels such as chat, video or WhatsApp to advise our customers and bring them to the site. The development of tablets in the store is also underway.“, points out the group’s president, who, quoting Jules Jalouzot, founder of the department store, takes the opportunity to remind that innovation is one of its hallmarks: “Everything about Printemps is new, fresh and beautiful, just like the name Au Printemps.” These words allowed us to introspect and remind us that innovation is our DNA. Spring is hatching time, surprises!From this proposal, the new management derives ambition: “Wherever we are, day by day we want to make Printemps an important and memorable place.” Printemps was the first department store to have electricity, use Eiffel designs, install elevators, or even offer sales to its customers.

Festival of new retail concepts

Thus, for the first time, this theme becomes the leitmotif of the communications accompanying this new brand platform: “First meeting; first dilemma; first crack; the first purchase in a second-hand … “It is enough to highlight the various “USPs”, from the volume of the offer to the personal purchase service or even the service Seventh Heaven, a space recently opened around upcycling that already attracts an average of over 2,000 customers per day.who come as much to buy used things as to resell old things, the supply is in balance. To showcase its new colors, Le Printemps has developed an “aggressive” launch program, according to its president. The 360° communications campaign includes press and digital technologies (displays, VoL and social networks). It should provide 320 million online impressions. It also has a major national billboard plan: 1,700 large-format billboards, 600 totems, 250 kiosks, as well as 64 units on the Paris metro platforms and 109 digital billboards will be mobilized from March 16 to 29. screens.

But the central part of the device remains Spring Festival, a premiere that promises to blow the minds of retail enthusiasts : On the occasion of the weekend of March 19 and 20, that is, the official day of the beginning of spring, all the stores of the group will offer their customers free entertainment and activities. In partnership with Deezer, Haussmann will host an exhibition of artists, including Eddy de Pretto, as well as brass bands or gospel groups on Rue Comartin, which will be pedestrianized for the occasion. We can also bring a 6m high climbing wall that appears on the fourth floor in an open space dedicated to an old campera brand with which Printemps is strengthening its ties, as well as exhibitions, workshops and sporting events in all stores in the region.

This festival will also provide an opportunity to showcase new Printemps offerings. We will retain 500 exclusive SKUs, developed in collaboration with the brand’s suppliers and partners, to serve as a reminder of the breadth of the brand’s range. 300 of them are available online. Printemps is also making inroads into new digital practices by launching a store in partnership with American company DressX.to discover exclusive virtual outfits created for the occasion that customers can purchase to wear on social media. The NFT drop will be made with randomly selected clients, allowing some to make their own “first acquaintance with the world of cryptocurrencies“, according to Jean-Marc Bellaiche. Finally, for the first time, new interactive virtual windows will be introduced that will allow passers-by to discover their silhouette, transformed into a “flower woman or man.”

This is an opportunity to remind you that Printemps strives to be not only a place to make transactions, but also an emotional place, as evidenced by the launch of a number of new trading concepts that will evolve over time. The sixth floor under the legendary Printemps dome has turned… into a beach. A place dedicated to the world of beachwear and swimwear welcomes a new restaurant area opened by Chef Elvira Masson, a former journalist and critic who signed her first menu. “Themes and chefs will change each other, and this fall there will be a winter theme.“, says Karen Wernet, general manager of the Printemps offering. The terrace on the 7th floor will also be regularly updated, and a green cafe with a roasting workshop or even a space created under the Machi-Machi brand around bubble tea will be emerging. The approach to recycling is also enhanced on the 4th floor with the opening of a meeting space between clients and young designers in collaboration with Campus Mode.. Projects can be funded by clients through a partnership with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Finally, spaces dedicated to Beautyfood, massage and inner comfort are also open. Some will have the opportunity to be rejected in the region.