Stefan Winkelmann: New Lamborghini will be electrified

Appointed at the helm of Lamborghini in 2005, Stefan Winkelmann significantly changed the Italian brand. It was under his leadership that she expanded her audience with the Urus SUV. It also allowed the Aventador to make a real technological leap, confirming the design of the carbon monocoque chassis and the all-new V12 engine. He is also the initiator of very exclusive limited edition special body models, real collector’s models that are prized by enthusiasts and inspire other brands. In March 2016, Stefan Winkelmann left the post of head of Lamborghini to head Audi Sport, then Bugatti.

From 1uh In December 2020, he took on the role of CEO of the Sant’Agata Bolognese brand, for which he will lead the transition to electrified engines. A dangerous mission for a brand that seduces enthusiasts today with its uniquely tuned naturally aspirated engines. But what is true for sports cars that build brand reputation seems less problematic for Urus, which continues to increase sales. Thus, in 2021, Lamborghini broke records: sales increased by 13% (8,405 cars sold) and reached 1.95 billion euros, which is 19% more than 49% (264 million euros).

Problems. How has Lamborghini changed between your departure and return as the brand’s CEO?

Stefan Winkelmann – The company is not quite the same, but there are many people left, and the spirit has remained. Sometimes, when you start something anew for the second time, there is disappointment. It wasn’t here. When I returned, the staff applauded me, which both touched me and did me an honor.

What is the contribution to Lamborghini’s profits from the few examples (special-bodied, limited-edition models)?

When we launched the first few series, we had only two models in stock and a lot of ideas that we could not bring to life. Initially, we wanted to show how solid a brand Lamborghini is with these limited editions, and this helped us to position its image. But 99% of our income comes from models in the regular range.