TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 – the new watch of the future

Along with its classic watchmaking activities, TAG Heuer continues to develop in the field of luxury smartwatches. A sector in which the brand has been a pioneer since 2015.

New TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 (42mm and 45mm)
New TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 (42mm and 45mm)
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PParallel to its classic watchmaking activities, TAG Heuer continues to expand into luxury smartwatches. A sector in which the brand has been a pioneer since 2015.

Today there are two new models with a strong personality, but each expressing TAG Heuer’s personality in its own way. The first of these two ultra-dynamic looking steel pieces, with a diameter of 45mm, harks back to TAG Heuer’s long sporting tradition. The second novelty cultivates refinement and restraint in a diameter of 42 mm. If this new collection of connected watches is all about design excellence, a number of technical developments will allow the brand to reinforce its status as a global leader. The goal stated by Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer: “By introducing these two new TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 watches, which are very different from each other, we want to offer a new generation of Connected to more customers.”

Several improvements

The changes from previous models are in terms of technology, features, aesthetics, and enjoyment of use. This watch runs Wear OS 2 at launch, but will be upgraded to Wear OS 3 for free when it becomes available.
A very concrete benefit, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, syncing data to and from your laptop is much faster on this new Connected watch.
Another big benefit is that their new screen offers unsurpassed quality and contrast, especially outdoors: the watch face, notifications and sports stats remain perfectly visible even in bright sunlight.
Compared to the previous generation, the battery life of the 45mm model is increased by 30%. Specifically, this means that users will be able to fully use their watch to monitor their sports activities. For example, autonomy reaches a day, even with the golf tracking function activated for five hours. The energy reserve is identical to the 42mm version with the included Wellness app.
The TAG Heuer Connected watch introduced today comes with a brand new type of charger that can be used for two purposes: to recharge the watch, of course, but also as an elegant display capable of showing the time at night should you decide to put it aside. nightstand.

Wrist training programs

If there are various sensors that are very useful in outdoor activities (accelerometer, heart rate monitor, compass, GPS and now an altimeter), the big novelty this year is taking the form of guided tutorials.

With pre-set yet easily customizable duration, they let you go without your smartphone to keep your hands free.
The TAG Heuer Sport app is available for two new models, which also feature “exclusive dials”, including a new interpretation of the classic Connected dials. The wide selection includes watch faces inspired by TAG Heuer’s traditional watchmaking heritage, as well as innovative models with artistic animation and quick access to all information. For example, the new “Riverside” watch face comes to life with a futuristic effect that perfectly illustrates the passage of time. The possibilities for personalization are also expressed through a wide choice of straps in leather, steel or rubber in different colours. Live dynamically in the rhythm of your tastes and desires.
“These two new TAG Heuer Connected watches open the door to an ever-evolving digital ecosystem that brings together sports, wellness apps and elegant watch faces inspired by our legendary chronographs,” concludes TAG Heuer.

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