“The small rural center of Grande Cham has features to appreciate”

Mayor Yves Bleuunwen believes in the potential of his commune.  He does his best to make it a real living space.
Mayor Yves Bleuunwen believes in the potential of his commune. He does his best to make it a real living space. © J.-M.F.

Mayor from Grand Champion1st Vice President Gulf of Morbihan Vannes Agglomeration ([email protected]) Yves Blueven firmly believes in the development potential pool of life and the economic sector of his commune, firmly rooted in the countryside.

“the ambition of this territoryshould develop as a source of life, supported by good economic activity. Of course, we must welcome the residents, but above all, let them find homes, in their city, everything they can count on commercially, as well as in terms of employment, housing, culture, sports,” says Yves Blunven. , Mayor Grand Champion, 1uh Vice President [email protected], responsible for the attractiveness of tourism and trade.

Ambition registered since 2014

“The metamorphoses undertaken will soon prove useful. Ambitions registered in 2014, before the municipal elections of that time, as the group has since become a municipal council under its program.

» We want to transform Grand Shan into a residential and vibrant employment area in the inner suburbs of Vanna while maintaining its rural identity and privileged habitat. »

“Together we will build the future of Grand-Champ”

Within the agglomeration (34 municipalities / 180,000 inhabitants), Sarzo, like Elven or Grand Champ, are three different but complementary centres.

“In Grand Champs, our territory is rural. It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature to be appreciated.”

Yves Blueven.

“We defend our rural model: the model of the municipality, where the expression “extended rural area” takes on its full meaning: a socially, economically and culturally active municipality. »

Yves Blueven

Indeed, the integration of the former Community of Municipalities (Loh Community) into the [email protected] could portend that the country of Grand Sham would sink into this large inter-municipal community. Nothing happened, quite the contrary!

“Small Towns of Tomorrow”

“The Scot confirmed the fact that no one can dispute the centrality of Vann. It also highlighted the coastal centrality of Sarzo and the rural centers of Elven and Grande Champs,” emphasizes Yves Blunvin.

“The notion of centrality was put forward as a red thread for these three poles of balance, labeled as the small towns of tomorrow. This strengthened our desire to develop Grand Cham, one of the three central areas, a true satellite of the flagship city. »

Yves Blueven

A stone’s throw from the center of the city of Golfe-Morbihan, Vannes, Grand Chan is now positioned as being integrated into the first ring of Vannes, while remaining far enough away to reinforce this notion of centrality through proposals formulated in terms of activities. competence of [email protected]), commercial, sports, cultural, associative, etc.

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» Faced with the attractiveness of our territory, we are working to ensure that our municipality does not develop as a residential area, but as a real residential area.

Elves like Grand Champion definitely have a development map. We have potential, we still need to structure ourselves in order to contribute to its development,” says the mayor of Grand Champ, happily admitting between the lines that various projects are under development or in the process of being implemented.

exclusive territory

The GMV@ territory with its city center and its balance poles, which are, among others, Sarzo, Elven and Grand Chan...
The [email protected] area with its city center and its balance centers, which are Sarzo, Elven and Grand Chan… ©Courtesy of [email protected]

Jean-Pierre Riveri, [email protected] Vice President for Economic Development, Agriculture and Aquaculture, elected from Vannes, welcomes the complementarity between the poles of balance, which are Sarzo, Elven and Grande Champs, and the flagship city of the agglomeration, Vannes. » [email protected] operates in the seaside, rural area. This exceptional territorial network makes people jealous,” he explains.

“The concentration within the agglomeration, chaired by Mayor David Robo of Vann, contributes to the coordinated development of the entire territory. Thus, our 51 craft and industrial zones (34 municipalities) welcome new companies. The idea is to create balance zones with pleasant and well-endowed living spaces (industry, shops, services, cultural and sports activities) for their residents. »

Jean Pierre Rivery

Jean-Pierre Riveri also emphasizes that in order to reinforce the notion of belonging to this territory and to arouse the desire to be a part of its activities, “soft mobility is established around the poles of balance. It is important to work and live close to home. And now, given the cost of energy, it makes more sense than ever. »

As you can see, [email protected] and the elected representatives of the territory are working to make this geographical sector of Morbihan an area of ​​excellence.

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