These luxury brands honor French speakers

Lous and The Yakuza for Louis Vuitton, Stephane Bak for Loewe… these are the French-speaking artists at the head of luxury homes.

Photo Credit: Left/Thue Nørgaard/LOEWE – Right/Louis Vuitton

This year, large luxury houses such as Louis Witton, Balenciaga or even Dior do not hesitate to appeal to French-speaking personalities from a wide range of fields, whether it be sports, music or cinema. These multiple time-based partnerships give life to large-scale campaigns, from Fashion Week runway shows and even, on rare occasions, collaborative collections. This recently happened to singer Aya Nakumara, who teamed up with Balenciaga for an exclusive merch. Recently, faces appearing on Instagram and Youtube accounts of some luxury brands that seem very familiar to us. An overview of these French speakers, recognized as luxury at the moment.

Stefan Buck for Loewe

Spanish house Loewe, which presented surreal dresses at last Paris Fashion Week, has decided to enlist the young French actor Stéphane Bak in its new spring-summer 2022 advertising campaign called “EYE/LOEWE/NATURA”. A few days ago, the brand posted a mini-video on its Instagram account showing the actor wading through the new collection against a bright pink background. But that’s much earlier, in 2020, than the former comedian who appeared a few months ago in Wes Anderson’s latest film. “French Dispatch”was announced as the new face of the label, led by designer Jonathan Anderson.

Aya Nakamura for Balenciaga

Aya Nakamura and Balenciaga pushed their friendship towards collaboration. Indeed, seen front-row at Balenciaga’s last two shows, the successful singer, who recently unveiled a new title with Damso, announced exclusive merchandise with the label led by Demna a few days ago. On the program: a bag signed by Aya, hoodies and T-shirts reminiscent of concert merch. The duo also released a playlist of 42 tracks selected by Aya Nakamura and available on Apple Music.

Laylow for Paco Rabanne

On the occasion of Leilou’s two Paris concerts at the Accor Hotel Arena last March, Paco Rabanne made a mail vest especially for the rapper, which required almost 75 hours of work in the workshops of the Spanish fashion house. The signature piece consisted of 3,500 balloons and 7,000 rings and was designed according to the neo-futuristic vision of the successful Toulouse rapper.

Luz and Yakuza for Louis Vuitton

During the latest Paris Fashion Week, Luz and the Yakuza walked the runway for the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022 show. Next to the palatial home and its artistic director, Nicolas Ghesquière, the Belgian singer and model also closed the last fall-winter 2022 show in Paris after a campaign in which she appeared wearing LV glasses on her nose in May 2021. Vuitton introduced their new boots “Moonlight” at the feet of Luz and the Yakuza in an ultra-smooth campaign.

Kylian Mbappé, Orel Sun, Issaora Tibus and Melanie de Jesus dos Santos for Dior

Photo: Brett Lloyd for Dior

Last September, Dior and PSG signed an exclusive two-year partnership in which Kim Jones, the artistic director of men’s collections, will design unique outfits for the players of the capital club. A few weeks after the announcement, the French fashion house finalized the appointment of Kylian Mbappé as the face of its Sauvage fragrance, long embodied by actor Johnny Depp. As part of this partnership, the PSG striker will also represent the Kim Jones menswear collection as well as the house’s fragrance division. The first images of the Sauvage perfume campaign, as well as a mini-video, were recently posted on Dior’s Instagram account.

At the same time, the luxury house of the LVMH group called on two French women, French gymnast Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos and fencer Isaora Tibus, to sublimate the new Dior Vibe collection conceived by the artistic director of the women’s collections, Maria. Grace Chiuri. It was in an editorial shoot aimed at drawing attention to female athletes that the two islanders were honored along with Paralympic champion Veronica Yoko Plebani and Chinese speed skater Zhang Hong.

Photo: Markus Pritzi for Dior

Last February, OrelSan formalized its partnership with Dior, appearing in several of the brand’s outfits during a concert in Caen. The opulent house will indeed be dressing the rapper throughout his 2022 tour. As part of this collaboration, the Normandy rapper will wear a blue jumpsuit embellished with a 3D Dior Oblique star pattern, all paired with black Dior Explorer leather boots. An announcement followed by a video in which OrelSan went to the brand’s workshops in search of her next outfits.

Last June, Chanel invited Belgian singer Angele to face the full collection for the first time.

April 14, 2022