They have just opened in Toulouse: these companies will create a thousand jobs within 3 years.

With the creation of 30 companies in the territory of Toulouse Métropole, a thousand jobs will be created within three years.
With the creation of 30 companies in the territory of Toulouse Métropole, a thousand jobs will be created within three years. (© Illustration / Adobe Stock)

Toulouse continues to attract business. After 2020, marked by the aftermath of the Covid crisis, 2021 establishment levels have returned to 2019 levels. Over these two years 30 companiesaccompanied by the Attractiveness Agency Toulouse Métropole, settled in the area.

Companies focused on the future

We learn in detail that among these 30 companies, 20 French as well as 10 foreign. A gap that can be explained by the context of the health crisis and the difficulty in crossing borders.

“Most (of these establishments — ed. note) concern new companies looking to the future, such as smart mobility, new space, biotechnology, green and light aviation or hydrogen, indicates the Toulouse Métropole Attractiveness Agency in its 2021 activity report released on Monday 28 March 2022.

Thousand jobs created in three years

In terms of jobs, Toulouse Métropole is doing even better than in 2019. Indeed, the number of jobs created (in three years) by these institutions has almost doubled: we are moving from 527 (2019) in 1047 items (2021).

Among these posts already established or to be created in the coming years, most relate to business services (405 jobs). 250 will be dedicated R&D, engineering and design197 for headquarters175 for production, production and assembly and 20 for administrative tasks.

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List of 30 companies

Here is a list of 30 companies created in 2021:

  • Evotech (France): 150 jobs over three years to build a biomedical factory of the future.
  • Cognitive Design Systems (Japan): 50 jobs at this company that develops and publishes “product design” consulting software.
  • Universal hydrogen (USA): 20 jobs in Toulouse to develop hydrogen capsules for regional aviation.
  • H3 dynamics (Singapore): 25 jobs for the development of light and carbon-free aviation.
  • Beyond the aerospace industry (France): 10 jobs to build a light aircraft with an H² engine.
  • Infinite Orbits (Singapore): 10 jobs for the development of nanosatellites capable of performing maintenance operations on other satellites.
  • Clanik (France): 150 jobs for this digital and engineering consultancy.
  • Prometheus (France): 15 jobs to deploy a constellation of nanosatellites.
  • Orius Technologies (France): 10 jobs for the development of technical, innovative and related solutions in the field of biotechnology.
  • Turnwaves (France): 10 jobs for company headquarters.
  • Yatsen (China): 50 jobs for the production of cosmetic products are looking for suppliers of raw materials and active ingredients.
  • flatten out (US): 25 jobs for this AI application.
  • IR Biotech (Germany): 10 vacancies for this startup that wants to develop a cellular immunity test to test the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines.
  • Odia (France): 10 jobs for this platform to instantly convert digital content to audio format.
  • jellied frame (Denmark): 10 jobs for this company that provides permanent and hidden flood protection.
  • 1Cubator (France): 10 jobs created by this incubator.
  • mecachrome (France): 80 jobs for this aviation subcontractor.
  • Queen Cassiopeia (France): 22 jobs at this drone company.
  • Silina (France): 10 jobs for this equipment manufacturer specializing in the curvature of image sensors for satellites.
  • Blue Spirit Aero (France): 25 jobs for this company that wants to develop an aircraft with an environmentally friendly engine.
  • Aircraft Mauboussin (France): 15 jobs for this company that wants to develop a two-seat aircraft.
  • computer graphics (Canada): 200 jobs, specializes in IT integration business consulting.
  • Fredon (France): 20 jobs for this health organization (OVS).
  • Selios (France): 45 jobs in this project management assistance company.
  • Sports business strategy (France): 10 jobs for this company specialized in supporting sports clubs and federations.
  • Organic Lanthanum (France): 10 jobs in this company that produces and sells aromatic ingredients made from fermented yeast.
  • Owl (France): 10 jobs for this intermediary platform between freelancers and companies.
  • Ivekhte (France): 10 jobs.
  • Camyriada (France): 15 for this company that created an online AI video editing tool.
  • XLM solutions (USA): 10 jobs in this expert company in terms of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) / Product Data Management (PDM) solutions.

For the Attractiveness Agency, this report confirms its choice to “look for projects with a very high technological content and that resonate strongly in Toulouse, thus confirming the competitive advantages of a metropolis with highly qualified human resources and an exceptional abundance of research and development, combined with the ability of the major groups present to integrate these new technology”.

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