Tourist trains. Gorgeous scenery and sports activities

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    Sevenn steam locomotive.

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    Artust’s little train.

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    A line of swallows.

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Author: Thierry Poupier

Sevenn steam locomotive. With the return of sunny days, the desire to embark on new adventures very quickly returns to tickle our neurons. And if this year we again made the train an accomplice of our spring-summer outings? No matter which part of France you live in or where you plan to spend your holidays, there is sure to be a station close to your home where a train is waiting for you, ready to take you on board for an extraordinary experience. In this new La Vie du Rail special tourist train file, we offer a selection of train journeys that can be tailored to your wishes or your profile. Are you more of an adventurer or an epicurean? Train escape, there is something for everyone! This week we invite you to board with us the trains that offer the most beautiful landscapes or the most beautiful adventures, and those that will take you back in time. In the next issue, we will borrow some of those that will make you taste the joys of life and make you want to take the time to travel on rails. Conquered? In addition to this file, you will find several hundred ideas for rail trips in our Rail Tourism and Leisure Guide.

Will be released in May 2022: order it on our boutique website before its release and save 5%!

Published by Éditions de La Vie du Rail, this guide to rail tourism and leisure invites you to discover France and part of Europe by train. Each of the thirteen regions of France takes you by the hand to take you to your destination as often as possible, rolling on rails. This book will end with a notebook dedicated to the most beautiful rail journeys in the countries bordering France (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, etc.).

Historic trains, bike paths, miniature railway networks, gardens, museums… place by place, all the treasures, all the activities and railway curiosities of each region are revealed before you and are subject to full description. Suggestions for nearby visits are offered. In this guide, Thierry Poupier reveals to us for the first time all the practical information on how to get around and travel around France by train.

Illustrated profusely with color photographs and maps, the information contained herein will remain up-to-date with updates on the website of Aiguillages, its travel companion.

Specifications: Format: 248 x 210 mm – Approximately 368 pages – Public price: €24: €22.80 when ordering on our boutique website before launch (save 5%)!

Exciting routes

Several regular lines and many twisters, which only start running on good days, offer some of the most daring routes. Let’s first go to the heart of the Jura, where one of the most beautiful lines in France connects Saint-Claude and Dole. The audacity of his career and the dizzying height of some of the artworks earned him the nickname line of swallows.

The trip lasts 2:30 and it’s a delight! There are 18 viaducts and 36 tunnels on the route. Its most exciting part is between Maures and Morbier. Two stations are separated by only five kilometers, for which the train must gain 124 meters of height!

To do this, it enters a long curve and then a horseshoe tunnel. As you emerge from this, you will feel transported into the air. This train creates the illusion that the passengers are flying over the valley!

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