Vividata presents its latest Metrica Fusion database at CCC

Canadian media and consumer research firm Vividata published his database CCC Metrica Fusion winter 2022. MergingCanadian Consumer Survey (CCS) Winter 2022 with Vividata to passive measurement of digital consumers Metrics. This new unified database captures online and offline consumer behavior, giving researchers, marketers and strategists a better understanding of Canadian consumers.

Vividata explored several travel or sports-related websites and apps to see how different Canadians want to get the most out of the coming months.

Average per month expedition, as well as Airbnb are the most popular travel apps and websites visited by adult Canadians planning to book a vacation. So than Expedia leading in general is the channel of choice for those targeting the United States, the Caribbean, Central or South America, or South Asia, while Vrbo has the highest average number of visits to Canada interested in a holiday in Europe or East Asia.

Vacation Planners Aged 50 years and older most likely to visit expedition on average per month they mostly go to see family and friends (65%), go to the beach (52%) or go shopping (49%) during their holidays.

Among vacation planners under 35 years old, Airbnb it is the travel site they visit most often on average per month. Family and friends (70%) are the main occupation of young visitors.Airbnb plan to do while on vacation, but they are also more likely to explore the destination’s nightlife (index 158), visit a theme park/zoo (index 150), or visit a museum or art gallery (index 131).

Canadian families (with children under 12) who are going to travel next year visit more on average per month, followed by online visits fromAirbnb and from Vrbo. These families that visit also 71% more likely than average for families planning next year to identify as Black, Indigenous or Colored (BIPOC), and more than 3 times more likely to arrive in Canada in the last 5 years. .

Young monthly visitors to an app or website Vrbo seems more passionate and adventurous travelers than visitors to other travel sites.

As baseball and football are just getting started, popular sports apps and websites will get a lot of attention.TSN, sportnet as well as result are 3 main sites and apps that Canadians visit on average per month. Visitors to any of these brands’ digital assets are predominantly male and are more likely to be professionals, managers, executives, or entrepreneurs in high income. Those who visit digital properties across all three brands earn higher revenues on average—nearly 20% more than the average Canadian—and almost twice as often business owners or managers.

Regionally, Canadians prioritize the top three digital sports venues. People who live in meadowsfor example, are twice as likely to visit digital property than TSN average month sportnet Where resultwhile almost 2 out of 3 visitors per month resultand more than 1 out of 2 visitors sportnetto live in Ontario. From all regions of Canada Quebec differs most where Quebecers prefer an affiliate website TSN; rds.caWhere many more than numeric properties sportnetor from result .

People who watch professional summer sports such as baseball, football and golf more often than the average Canadian not only visit the top 3 but also visit them more often. First, Canadians who regularly watch baseball. major league baseball on TV (more than 4 times a month) 64% more than the national average visit the eeb website or app. sportnet on average per month and more than 2.5 times more likely to visit at least 11 times in the same period. Football spectators from MLS will stop on a website or app RDS or from TSNon average per month and 2.3 times more likely than the average Canadian to be frequent visitors result. Same for regular viewers. professional golf most likely to visit TSN on average per month and almost twice as often as the average visit result 11+ times a month.

Compared to those who visit TSN Where sportnet 11+ times a month, visitors from result also tend to prefer luxury — and 60% more likely than the average Canadian to own a premium car or truck.

For those who visit sports websites or apps to learn more about the game, this most popular sports betting site to which they refer. For example, more than 1 in 5 Canadians visit a digital property. according to TSN11 or more times on average per month also visit and do so 3 times more often than the average Canadian, while almost 3 out of 10 visitors per month rds.caalso visit bet365.comand do so almost 4 times more often than the average Canadian.

Benefits of Metrica Fusion Database in CSC

This latest Metrica Fusion database at CCC is the sixth version of Vividata, allowing subscribers to:

  • Compare online measurements with real data
  • Ignite ideas with powerful psychographics
  • Segment, target and inform more effectively
  • Access and parse easily

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