what will restyling give us?

In two years, the Volkswagen Golf will have to go through a facelift. What do you expect other than minor aesthetic changes?

New Volkswagen Golf (2024) – Is the Volkswagen Golf in danger since the ramp-up of electrification and the development of the ID lineup? No. Last year, also ignoring the off-road fashion, Granny once again valiantly kept herself at the top of sales. on European soil, all categories combined. The success, which has not abated over the years, always provides a comfortable income for the parent company and which must be maintained despite the intensification of investments in research and development in the power industry. Therefore, two years later 4 years after launch, Volkswagen must update the look of its bestseller goes hand in hand with a new dose of electrification.

Still alive

Discovered in late 2019, before it launched its commercial career in early 2020, it was feared that the eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf would not recover from the health crisis that had followed since its debut. Same way, some observers thought he would take the brunt of competition from T-Roc., very similar in size and riding a wave of raised vehicles. Internal competition, which, by the way, shamelessly pleased him with the silhouette of a convertible, which, nevertheless, forged its legend for several decades. But to bend such a myth on 4 wheels, it will take a lot of time. And customers are not wrong by continuing to renew their loyalty.

Simplified design?

But as always, for almost 50 years, Golf needs to be updated, although it always takes care ofevolve gently to spare his fans, a bit conservative at heart. Thus, in the middle of a career, in 2024, he will have to reconsider his face, which was sometimes discussed during his revelations. Thereby, its stepped optics may give way to more traditional shapeswhile enhancing their LED signatures. The whole hangs a unique shield. This facelift will also see the introduction of new rims as well as new lights aft. Subtle changes that shouldn’t revolutionize the genre.

A little more fingers in the socket

Conversely, the restyled Volkswagen Golf will cause big shocks, under the hood. Diesel blocks could just disappear to make room for micro hybrid gasoline engines, while the rechargeable range will expand downwards. Groups currently stockpiling 204 and 245 hp should be added with lower power levels to counter the 160 hp units fitted to the Renault Mégane or the 180 hp unit that has just was introduced to the Peugeot 308 and Opel Corsa. What about sports options? If the GTi label survives this facelift, what will happen to the seething 320bhp Golf R? Would it make sense to keep such a cavalry in the catalog in the coming years, when European pollution control standards will be further strengthened? Unless such a level of power is achieved thanks to new hybrid solutions.

Volkswagen Golf Price

launched during 2024, the restyled Volkswagen Golf will also update its body, in addition to the 5-door, the prices of which, logically, will increase. At the initial level, you will have to pay over 29,000 euroswhen the current one requires at least 28,395 euros.

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