Who is Pauline Deruled, the disabled athlete who opened the show with Kylian Mbappe and Thomas Pesce?

Wheelchair tennis player Pauline Derulede is among the Enfoirés 2022 gang recruits. Back to a fate that inspires admiration.

Endless happiness to join a big family Bastards This yearPauline Derulede posted on Instagram on January 25 before smiling to everyone on stage at the Sud de France Arena with Soprano, Patrick Bruel, Vianney or even Kylian Mbappe. This Friday, March 4, 2022, from 21:10, this is the first star that the audience will see at Un Air d’Enfoirés, the annual concert in favor of Restos du Coeur. And it was not for nothing that the French wheelchair tennis champion had the difficult task of opening the show with two newcomers: the football player Kylian Mbappe and astronaut Thomas Pesce.

Pauline Deruled, mowed down by machine, amputated at age 28.

Artists with a big heart who sing in the name of a great cause and give a lot of good mood and strength to those who need it most. A huge THANK YOU to all volunteers and congratulations to the entire production for being able to support this wonderful meeting, despite the health situation.“Explained the one that upset millions of French people, talking about the tragedy of which she became a victim in October 2018. At the age of 28, this Parisian, who worked as a tennis teacher and assistant director, was brutally hit by a motorist over 90 years old. – an elderly woman who has just lost control of her vehicle. Her life is turned upside down. Polina Deruled is thrown several meters away. Doctors have no choice but to amputate her left leg.

This was followed by eight months of hospitalization, numerous operations and a long recovery. Despite her anger, Pauline Deruled does not give up. Endowed with an incredible mind, she makes herself a slightly crazy bet: to compete in the 2024 Paralympics in Paris in wheelchair tennis. “As soon as I woke up after the accident, I thought about Paris 2024. Sport obviously saved meshe told us a few months ago. I had the idea of ​​doing triathlon before the accident and I still thought about it after. But I wanted to give myself every chance to go to Paris in 2024, and it seemed difficult for me to achieve this with this discipline. Then I headed to wheelchair tennis“. The rest is exceptional. In June 2021, Pauline Derulede became French wheelchair tennis champion for the first time in her career. At just 30 years old, the steel-minded 30-year-old Parisian offered herself her first national title and was one step closer to her career goal. : Paralympic Games in France in 2024.

One Goal: French Paralympic Games 2024

I want to be in the top 20 in the world. I am very patriotic at heart and why not dream of being the flag bearer in Paris in 2024. I am very proud to belong to the French team and I would love to wear the colors high up in Paris. Otherwise, Roland Garros is a little girl’s dream. This is the tournament that made me want to. We can say that this is a piece of the Grail. But with a small number of participants, Roland-Garros is ultimately more difficult than the Paralympic Games.” she explained to us last year. There is no doubt that Pauline Deruled will follow her dream.

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